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JAKARTA, Indonesia, March 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via InvestorWire — Meet AZN’s 10,000 unique NFT characters, representing diverse Asian cultures around the world. Living on the BSC network, the NFTs are available in numerous designs, including notable and historical Asian figures, and come in four rarity tiers: Common (quantity:7.000), Uncommon (quantity:2.000), Rare (quantity:990) and Legendary (quantity:10). AZN NFT holders gain access to the exclusive CRAClub community and T-Hub, Asia’s first crypto community hub, initiated by Tokocrypto. Additionally, AZN holders will reap growing benefits and offerings aimed at helping them gain financial freedom.
NFT collectors can easily access AZN at aznverse.com as well as TokoMall, the NFT marketplace for Tokocrypto, Indonesia’s leading crypto exchange and ecosystem builder.
The Asians behind AZN
AZN NFT was born in the Asian community. Backed by Tokocrypto, our NFT collections represent unique Asian culture and heritage, both historical and modern. Tokocrypto tapped the TKOangels, a community of Tokocrypto’s native utility token advocates, to grow this original idea into an expansive NFT collection.
TKOangels offers the collection a unique perspective, especially as these angels have experienced firsthand the impact of crypto and NFTs on the Asian community. Together with Tokocrypto, TKOangels created NFT collections aimed at Asian representation and inclusion of the Asian diaspora in the NFT space.
 “This project was born out of our drive to represent our rich cultural heritage as Asians,” said Eko, an AZN initiator and TKOangel.  “With NFT as the medium, not only do we push for representation, but we also seek many more people to tap into NFT and dive deeper into its possibilities. With the support of Tokocrypto the benefits it offers will push for better financial literacy, ultimately leading us to financial freedom.”
By supporting AZN, Tokocrypto will help our community gain financial freedom. AZN holders can earn exclusive trading privileges, and rare-tiered AZN holders will have access to our inclusive crypto hub and coworking spaces established by Tokocrypto. The NFT collection has onboarded notable advisors from Indonesia’s NFT scene, such as Kevin Susanto and Tokocrypto’s executives.
“Tokocrypto has grown beyond being just Indonesia’s biggest crypto exchange, we have launched Asia’s first offline community hub, an NFT marketplace, and there is much more in the pipeline. AZN holders will be a part of this unique ecosystem that Tokocrypto is nurturing, alongside other players from the blockchain community. Financial inclusion is the end goal, and there is no better way to achieve this than via NFTs,” said Pang Xue Kai, CEO of Tokocrypto.
As we onboard more partners, AZNVerse will continuously expand its suite of perks for AZN NFT holders, in addition to its partnership with Tokocrypto. NFT collectors can purchase AZN NFTs at www.aznverse.com and www.galler.io, with the public sale scheduled for March 19, 2022. For more information head to AZN’s website and join Discord AZNVerse.
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