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Adam Hawley, the managing partner at NfTfamiliars, has teamed up with Yuriy Porytko from Ukrainian-American sports club Tryzub and curation-focused NFT marketplace FabriikX to launch the Ukrainian Relief NFT collection. The trio will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the NFT sales to the Joint Ukrainian-American Relief Committee (UUARC).
Calling all NFT buyers! @FabriikX, @NfTfamiliars, & Tryzub have partnered to help the humanitarian crisis in #Ukraine.
Through the purchase of these limited edition NFTs, all proceeds will be sent to the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee. https://t.co/fv32OBZOiS pic.twitter.com/Ejm5KBpX4R
— Fabriik Wallet (@FabriikWallet) March 2, 2022

“The funds [are being] donated to [Ukrainians] to help them restore their faith in humanity and to provide them the tools to rebuild their own lives,” Hawley said.
“I [believe an NFT sale over a blockchain is] an ideal way to transfer funds directly to those in need. Offering a digital image that remain[s] on-chain is a reminder of the impact that we have on others in their times of need. The NFT allows the donor to retain a gift in return as a reminder, or, for possible tie-ins that may come forward in the future.  NFTs are popular right now so why not shift the gears and show people they can be useful tools beyond just their focus as speculative assets.”
What inspired the art?
Hawley said the inspiration for the NFT collection came from an internal feeling of “how can we help people who are in genuine need right now?”
“I thought the picket fence symbolized the value that can come from many pieces bonding together to form protection [and] I wanted it painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag,” he said.
A statue holding a sword and a shield with Ukrainian flag color motifUkraine emblem
The Ukrainian Relief NFT collection has a total size of 200 and is currently live on FabriikX. There are two unique NFTs—an art titled “Stand with Ukraine” and the “Ukrainian Effort”—within the collection and each has 100 editions. Both sell for $100, which is the average donation size coming into the relief organization at the moment.
Hawley said for the “Stand with Ukraine” NFT, “the statue in front of the fence is like an angel standing tall to protect her people.” For “Ukrainian Effort,” Hawley said, “The idea came from my dear friend Yuriy, who is coordinating the relief effort. He sent me the logo, ‘the coat of arms of Ukraine,’ and I felt like it should be emblazoned on the fence representing both the strength and the precarious fate of the people which is lying in the balance.”
We have 200 limited 100% Charity BSV NfT's on https://t.co/R7xlSOj025 pic.twitter.com/9eCIXli6iN
— NfTfamiliars "failure becomes familiar" (@NfTfamiliars) March 2, 2022

“The picket fence symbolized the value that can come from many pieces bonding together to form protection. And the idea of using the coat of arms came from me—I see it as representing both the strength and the precarious fate of the Ukrainian people which is lying in the balance,” Porytko said.
Check out the limited edition NFTs on FabriikX.
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