Mogul Productions continues to cement its status as the leading DeFi and NFT platform for the entertainment industry. The company has secured several partnerships that would help it improve user experience and accelerate blockchain adoption in the film industry. May has been an intense month for a Mogul, adding at least four new partners to expand and consolidate its ecosystem.
On May 26, Mogul secured an important deal with MoonPay, which provides a crypto payment solution. The agreement will see Mogul offering a simplified credit card payment interface that film fans can use to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
MoonPay is well known in the crypto space as the leading global crypto payments infrastructure provider. The company’s mission is to onboard enterprises and organizations to Web3.
Jake Fraser, Mogul Productions’ Head of Business Development, commented:-
“As we are continually building our ecosystem at Mogul, a big part of this is strategically aligning with companies that provide value for our community. We are really excited to be partnering with the team at MoonPay to help the next wave of film and entertainment fans get involved with our suite of products and experiences.”
Mogul recently partnered with Bubble Maps, a crypto data company. According to the agreement, Bubble Maps will create an interactive map for STARS, Mogul’s native token. Bubble Maps flagship product is an interactive map that displays on-chain data, including transactions and wallet connections. The product currently supports over 200 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
The STARS listing on Bubble Maps enables token holders and Mogul fans to access high-quality information on the ecosystem’s health. The analytics tool is meant to make the DeFi space safer for end-users.
The map can anticipate suspicious activity and detect red flags related to price manipulations and attacks. Each supported token has a distinctive map showing how the top 100 holders interact with each other. Every wallet on the map is represented by a bubble whose size is proportionate to its holdings, and the interactions between wallets are also displayed.
The main logic is that the simpler the map, the healthier is the token distribution. Usually, large clusters of interactions point to private sales, centralized exchanges, or suspicious activities.
Mogul joins a growing list of high-profile companies using Bubble Maps, including Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, and Coinbase.
Mogul is intensifying its effort to bring digitalization to the film industry. The recent partnership with will enable it to develop a new virtual cinema focused on Hollywood films. is built on NEAR Protocol, a fast-growing Layer-1 blockchain. The platform empowers creators by encouraging the formation of artist guilds. Every player in the ecosystem can earn through exploration, and users can create epic lands and interactions in a fast-growing meta-community.
For Mogul, this is the ideal infrastructure to jump-start the Film3 movement. Thanks to Nearverse, Mogul will offer the premier virtual experience for the film and entertainment industry. Users can attend virtual premiers, shows, meet-ups, and other events.
NEARVERSE founder William Idrissi stated:-
“The Metaverse is such a great medium for digital communities to come together and thrive with a focus on empowering each other. We are extremely excited to be a part of the Web3 revolution that is occurring within the film and TV forms of artistic expression. Partnering with Mogul will allow Nearverse to reach more communities and provide a digital venue to entertain and express themselves with more freedom and economic stability.”
At the end of May, Mogul partnered with Arabian Camels NFT, representing the $50M NFT collection behind the upcoming featured film “Antara”. The collection was created to drive exposure and financing for the epic feature film, which was first dropped last year. NFT holders could get acting parts in the film, exclusive access to the film’s premiere, and even partial ownership of a Hollywood movie.
Antara is helping the entertainment industry become more familiar with the benefits of NFTs. The Arabian Camels made more waves in Cannes and Monto Carlo as they presented their movie. This approach is a premiere for Hollywood, and it may be the beginning of a major trend that mixes movies with NFTs, DeFi, and Web3.
Mogul has reserved an exclusive allotment of the Arabian Camels collection on the Mogul NFT marketplace to drive funding for Antara.
The latest partnerships are helping Mogul improve user experience in the entertainment industry by adding new features and embracing innovation. They accelerate blockchain and NFT adoption in Hollywood, enabling movie fans to buy NFTs with their credit cards, enjoy unique experiences in a virtual cinema, become directly involved in movie production, and benefit from a safer environment.
Both fans and artists can make the most out of blockchain thanks to Mogul, which continues to expand its ecosystem by securing high-profile collaborations and adding innovative features.