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Jun 16, 2022, 08:53 ET
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LONDON, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — idexo is pleased to announce the first blockchain launch of its MultiChain NFT collection, launching first on Ethereum on June 29th, and available for free minting for followers of idexo on Twitter and members of its Telegram group. On Twitter, users can enter to mint with a tweet and on Telegram through a simple command with its idexobot Telegram bot.

The MultiChain Gang NFT Collection spans multiple blockchains with each NFT unique across all chains. In addition, NFTs from different chains can be combined to spawn a new upgraded NFT that has the badges of the chains visited. In this case, the NFTs used for the upgrade are not burned, they are retained, however cannot be used again for subsequent upgrades. A maximum of 5 badges can be obtained, creating the highest ranked character possible.
There will be 75 free NFT mints available during the launch, selected at random from the entrants, with 25 each for minters on Telegram and Twitter, and an additional 25 for minters that hold an idexo Community Key NFT. Participants in this free mint will also gain a Universal YouID from idexo that they can validate and upgrade to obtain a Community Key that provides many other benefits such as access to campaigns from other projects where they can earn rewards and special privileges.
After the free minting phase completes, a further 100 NFTs will be listed and available for sale on OpenSea and other marketplaces, with all proceeds deposited in a smart contract that is governed by MultiChain Gang holders to be used vote on spending proposals that can increase awareness of the collection and idexo on that chain. Further mints take place through upgrades from combining NFTs together from different chains, up to a maximum of 400 NFTs per chain.
"We at idexo are excited about launching this Multichain Gang NFT collection that recognizes and unites the community of multichainers," says Greg Marlin, CEO/CTO of idexo "It’s also a great way to both use and once again to prove the value of our NFT Marketing Software and to experiment with a community-run model of co-incentivized promotion."
Users looking to gain one of these NFTs should start by following idexo on Twitter or joining the Telegram group and look for further announcements on how to participate on June 29th.
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