Origin Story announced a new product launch on June 14 through an official blog post. Named Collections, the new platform will be the hub of branded marketplaces for NFT collections from the crypto space. The Collections project is launched to provide the users of NFT with a trusted environment where they can be free of fraudulent NFT schemes.
The masses of the crypto space look up to NFTs as a revolutionary addition that can change the way digital commerce works. From a different point of view, NFT is also seen as a potential vehicle to empower brands and independent creators in the ecosystem. But one cannot deny that the current NFT environment involves potential threats, fraudsters, and scammers.
Origin Story has taken the necessary step toward securing the NFT marketplace with its new launch. The Collections will provide an authentic space for brands and original creators to conduct their businesses and interactions.
On the one hand, the platform will allow users to get their product directly from the creator without intermediaries or secondary marketplaces. It not only helps secure the business but also helps users remain safe from scams and fraudulent activities. Additionally, users will be provided with a way to ensure the authenticity of the products.
Furthermore, Collections will offer creators one of the simplest and most accessible platforms to list multiple products. The platform also provides an opportunity to create an exclusive market for their products. And what’s more, the creators will have revenue stream options to find their plans for the future.
Origin Story has designed Collections to provide an easy-to-access buying and selling platform for NFTs. So there will be a comprehensive display with information about floor price, trading volume, recent activity, and listings from numerous NFT marketplaces.
The platform will be launched with Pudgy Penguins as its first official NFT collection. Pudgy Penguins is a collection of delightful, enthusiastic, and unique artworks. After the launch, users can buy from all three collections of Pudgy Penguins and access official rarity scores from the creators.
The team is working towards joining hands with more teams in the future and has already planned for steady offerings of products in the subsequent weeks. It is also announced that Origin users will be rewarded as more creators join to use the platform. Another governance proposal to distribute the platform fees will allow OGN holders to stake their tokens for passive income.
The expertise of Origin Protocol and its Story NFT will play a crucial role in launching the new brand marketplaces for NFTs. The team of Story NFT has already worked with celebrated creators like 3LAU, Paris Hilton, BT, Trevor Jones, and Don Diablo.