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Behind-the-scenes photos from the U.K.’s biggest comedians offered as unique, digital and physical collectibles
FabriikX continues to enhance its curation focused NFT marketplace with the addition of a new private collection by comedian and photographer Steve Best.
Because of Steve’s 25-year career in comedy, he is afforded private, backstage access to some of the biggest names in British comedy including Jimmy Carr, Jack Whitehall, Jo Brand, and Stewart Lee. This access has allowed him to combiSteve Best is partnering with FabriikX to create and launch his first NFT collection, Comedians Back to Front, which is a collection of fine art photography taken from his forthcoming book.ne his love of photography with his love of comedy to produce two books and his third book – Comedians, a high-end coffee table book of fine art photography – will be published in September.
Alongside his new book, Steve Best is partnering with FabriikX to create and launch his first NFT collection. Comedians Back to Front is a collection of fine art photography taken from his forthcoming book, which captures comedians backstage with all the laughter, nerves, and thrills that come with every performance through the lens of a fellow comedian.
Steve explains: “Me having a camera backstage doesn’t make me a photographer to fellow comedians, but just a comedian with a camera, which means I’m able to capture the real atmosphere and deeply personal, pre-stage moments of performers.”
Dropping NFTs will give fans and followers an opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory digital collectible that captures a moment in time never shared before. The NFTs will provide a unique opportunity for fans to own both digital and physical collectibles and have the complete package.
Speaking about what inspired him to get into NFTs, Steve said: “Like many people, I suppose, I’ve had my eye on NFTs for a while, but it was through a comedian friend, who is also very much into crypto, who put me in touch with FabriikX, and this made me see the (digital) light! It’s exciting to get into NFTs, at the beginning-ish (well, when it comes to fine art photography). It’s a brilliant way for newer creators/artists to get their work out there and to think a little outside the box when it comes to their artwork.”
Lior Cyngiser, Business Operations Lead for FabriikX: “We are delighted to be welcoming Steve and his photo NFTs to FabriikX. Steve is highly respected within two different artistic circles, which he has cleverly merged to give a new edge to the juxtaposed life of the comedian. His unique background makes this expertly curated NFT collection of rare, behind-the-scenes photography highly collectible.”
Other artists’ NFT collections recently dropped on FabriikX include Diddy Wheldon’s fourth collection: Imagination, Nestor Andreev’s 2nd collection: Svetu Monastery, and Historical Rarities’ 1st Vinyl Records collection.
About Steve Best
Steve Best grew up in Surrey, England, and now lives in London with his wife, son, and daughter. Steve has been on the British stand-up comedy circuit since 1992, and in that time, he has worked and made friends with a lot of the best-known comedians. About a decade ago, Steve decided to combine his passion for photography with his first love of comedy which ignited something very special. His unique career as a comedian enables him to capture the real pre-stage atmosphere and deeply personal moments of fellow comedians. Steve has taken 1000s of intimate photographs of comedians, backstage and in front of the stage, which has led him to produce three books, Joker Face, Comedy Snapshot, and Comedians (to be published in September 2022).
About FabriikX
FabriikX is a new kind of NFT marketplace experience. Built on the power of the BSV blockchain, FabriikX offers expertly curated exclusive content from top creators within arts, sports, and music, as well as NFTs from the best creative minds in our community.
To Fabriik, NFTs are much more than just digital collectibles – they are experiences that connect collectors with the creators and communities they care about most.
FabriikX also offers a secondary market so customers can buy, sell, and re-sell NFTs directly with other collectors and get paid instantly. Plus, there are no minting or transfer fees, and all data lives directly on-chain.
Currently live on the platform are 837 NFTs with over 18500 editions available for sale.
About Fabriik
Fabriik is a digitally powered financial technology company made up of people committed to unlocking the power of blockchain technology to make participating in the future of money a reality today.
At Fabriik, we believe everyone, everywhere, should be able to reimagine prosperity in the w3b economy. It is our mission to unlock the power of blockchain technology to make participating in the future of money a reality today. We are creating the tools and services that empower people and businesses to buy, sell, store, and trade digital assets easily, securely, and transparently.
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