The collection was designed by award-winning artist Kristel Bechara
Arts DAO has officially announced the minting of their Ethernal Gates NFT collection. The collection was designed by award-winning artist Kristel Bechara, and grants members access to in-person events, an allocation within the project’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and more.
The Ethernal Gates collection will be available for minting on June 4th/5th (dependent on your location). The collection was designed by Kristel Bechara, an award-winning contemporary artist that has found considerable success with digital art and NFTs.
The collection will feature 2,000 unique NFTs that provide holders with a variety of features and benefits. NFT owners will be granted an allocation of the DAO, access to premium NFT events, and even Arts DAO “alpha” including market insights, whitelist opportunities, and more. Additionally, the NFT provides access to a members-only Discord server, physically printed NFTs, and other perks.
Arts DAO is the largest Web3 community in the Middle East. The project consists of a robust community of investors, collectors, artists and Web3 enthusiasts. DAO members have access to a wide variety of events, art collecting opportunities, and more.
Arts DAO utilizes its funds to collect and invest in an assortment of blue-chip NFTs. This includes collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Doodles, CloneX, and many more. Additionally, the DAO allocates a percentage of its funds as a seed fund for high-potential NFT projects.
The project also organizes live events where DAO members can connect and network. Previous events include meetups in conjunction with the Doodles Community, the RTFKT/CloneX community, and even Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee).
Arts DAO’s ultimate mission is to build the next generation of alternative asset management in the NFT space. The team believes that NFTs represent an entirely new asset class that will continue to grow with the proliferation of Web3 and the metaverse.
About the team
Arts DAO is led by a team of top-tier entrepreneurs, visionaries, and developers. The project was founded by Anas Bhurtun and Danosch Zahedi with the goal of becoming a leading force in Web3 asset management.
Danosch is a serial entrepreneur that has considerable experience establishing companies in and outside of the Web3 space. He’s responsible for founding the Arami Group, as well as being involved in crypto since 2016.
Anas has a significant background working as a corporate lawyer and advising multiple billion-dollar deals. He left his practice and dedicated his career to building his expertise in cryptocurrency and Web3, working as lead counsel for before moving on to found Arts DAO.

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