Hong Kong startup BEAM+ LAB is hosting an interactive exhibition at the Haus of Contemporary from June 8 to 26 to celebrate the launch of CRYPTYQUES, non-fungible token (NFT) collectables based on classic Hong Kong movies.
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The organiser holds an exclusive opening ceremony today (June 6), while the public can join the event starting this Wednesday in HK. Meanwhile, The minting of NFTs is set to launch on June 18.
The interactive exhibition will allow visitors to experience the connection between the physical world and web3.0 through the metaverse.
Visitors can also be a part of a series of workshops, screenings and talks that aim to explore the metaverse community and discover the stories behind CRYPTYQUES.
According to its statement, some of the highlights of the exhibition will include a fog screen projection showing CRYPTYQUES NFTs clippings, limited free posters featuring scenes from My Heart Is That Eternal Rose, 1989 (Chinese: 殺手蝴蝶夢) and Nomad, 1982 (Chinese: 烈火青春), and a pop-up café Zendo offering special coffee sleeves printed with the movie scenes for all coffee orders.
Guests will also see a special screening of music scores performed by members of Hong Kong Hip-Hop group LMF and members of Hong Kong rock band Chochukmo (觸執毛) created for CRYPTYQUES, along with a photography exhibition of “Desire” NFTs, the first series of CRYPTYQUES collectable.
Visitors can also join workshops, view a movie poster exhibition, and screenings of the 4K Remastered of Nomad. 
One of the exhibitions, Raw Emotions X CRYPTYQUES collaboration, will be available for guests to purchase on-site.
The concept behind CRYPTYQUES was introduced by Hong Kong-based photographer and director Wing Shya. 
The initial drop is a collection of 1,320 NFTs of classic Hong Kong movie scenes from My Heart Is That Eternal Rose and Nomad. 
The NFTs will reflect the strong emotional yearnings of “Desire” which have been recreated as 3D-animated video clips by Shya and an internationally-acclaimed Hollywood production team, using point cloud technology.
CRYPTYQUES will be available in the format of mystery boxes, minting directly on the website (cryptyques.com), the price will be announced one week before the mint date.
Some of these NFTs have ‘PASS’ properties and will receive AirDrop in the future. An exclusive 1/1 unique NFT will be auctioned in July.
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