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PARIS, FRANCE, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quadrifolium is launching soon the first NFT social network on the Binance blockchain, providing an excellent environment that allows artists and collectors to create, buy, and trade NFTS with peace of mind. Quadrifolium is an eco-friendly marketplace featuring low fees and fast transaction speeds among a significant list of benefits for users. Competing with Opensea, Quadrifolium founders are bringing a better user experience with free lazy minting, built-in chat, broker system, royalty distributions, and a native non-fungible collection.
CryptoClovers is the platform’s native NFT project comprised of a million collectibles representing humanized four-leaf clovers. Keeping up with the tradition of four-leaf clovers and its good luck superstition, collectors can place CryptoClovers in their crypto wallet to attract good fortune. Providing more luck than any real-world four-leaf clovers, minters and collectors have the opportunity to gain passive income each time their CryptoClovers will be sold but also the certitude to receive free NFTs thanks to upcoming random giveaways offered to the CC Luxury Club exclusively.
Quadrifolium targets wealthy individuals who identify themselves as crypto traders, poker players, gamblers, and art lovers eager to get involved with this good-luck opportunity by helping achieve the world record of the largest NFT collection. Quadrifolium named the community, the CC luxury club. It will finally be a community of CryptoClovers minters and collectors benefiting from the non-fungible token’s growing list of utilities and rewards.
The community can keep up with the tradition of four-leaf clovers by placing their favorite assets into their crypto wallets and waiting for the magic to operate. As a result, holders will be surprised to see their portfolios flourish based on good luck superstitions but not only. The CryptoClovers mechanism will reward stakeholders as follow:
The developing team behind Quadrifolium is led by a talented IT director and designer, Tib Pey. The project is set to compete with the industry giants such as Opensea by introducing many benefits to the table. As part of its grand launch, Quadrifolium intends to gain traction by showcasing the first lucky charm tokens in history. Through the introduction of CryptoClovers to the blockchain, Quadrifolium is about to enter the world record for the world’s most extended NFT collection, consequently building a massive community of minters and collectors to shape the future of the marketplace.
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