Selangor, June 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Co+ NFT is the latest and newest form of digital asset individuals can own. With Co+ NFT, users will be able to unlock a whole new type of entertainment and earning mechanism known as “Content-to-Earn” on Co+ NFT’s social networking platform called N3XTSPACE.

N3XTSPACE is a decentralized system for indexing and querying data from blockchains. It allows users to query data that might otherwise be difficult to get directly.
N3XTSPACE Ecosystem
N3XTSPACE is a cryptocurrency-based platform that believes that through Content 2 Earn, it can deliver economic value to users. Content creators generate valuable content, and users can offer them gifts to encourage them to continue creating.
As the tide is constantly shifting around the world, N3XTSPACE blockchain ecosystem offers a revolutionary way of media consumption known as Content-to-Earn (C2E), which allow you to EARN from doing what you have already been doing on the contemporary social media, even right now. By owning Co+ NFT, users will be rewarded in-app cryptocurrency tokens by completing daily C2E missions as well as from the giftings by other users.
Users who own Co+ NFT will be able to utilize the in-apps cryptocurrency tokens in various ways:

Token Utilities
Apart from utilities, users are entitled to join the platform’s weekly “Top Content Ranking” for extra rewards.
What is “Top Content Rewards”
The Top Content Ranking system allows users who own Co+ NFT to earn extra profit every week. This system focuses on fairness and offers a competitive environment for content creators of which they can turn their traffic into rewards.
To earn extra income by posting and sharing quality content, sign up on https://www.N3xtSpaceOfficial.com/ and grab a Co+ NFT today.
SocialFi is a social, web3.0, and financial mashup that rewards and benefits users by tokenizing social influence. N3XTSPACE intends to create and provide the greatest Web3 SocialFi Investment Platform so that anybody can begin investing with only one tap.
N3XTSPACE encourages users to leverage Co+ NFT and Top Content Rewards to get more out of their posting and sharing. Co+ strives to give content creators priority and provide them with the same benefits as N3XTSPACE.
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