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May 17, 2022
2022 has so far shaped up to be quite the booming year for NFT projects all around. Plenty of projects have already taken their holders well beyond the moon, but the year is still young, so there is plenty of opportunity for other upcoming NFT drops to make their impact.
That is why we in this article will discuss 3 new and hot NFT projects of 2022 that will or already have left their mark on the world of NFTs, giving their holders immense benefits and utility. 
The Alpha Gang NFT collection is set to release a new collection of professionally designed hip hop and artist themed NFTs. This will bring up the current supply of NFTs to 5555 from 669 which is a massive increase. On top of the three available NFTs (that you can obtain fractionalized ownership of) 43 new ones will enter the fold.
This makes for quite the significant increase in supply and variety which is a good indicator of the collection having garnered growing attention and popularity. 
The boons the Alpha Gang NFT collection offer are also quite substantial. With access to among the best Alpha calls, useful bots to alert you about crucial collections, and access to whitelist NFT marketplace, you do really get a headstart on many cool projects compared to others. 
If you want to learn more about the Alpha Gang NFT Collection you can read more here:

Recently, the NFT collection called Azuki has made the headlines of several significant publications. What is all the fuss about, you might ask. Well, in an incredibly short period of time, they’ve managed to sell for an enormous sum of Eth. 
At the time of writing this article, Azuki has a traded volume of 240.2 thousand Eth. Convert that to USD and you will have an enormous sum of money. In fact, this traded volume is so significant that Azuki has in less than one year traded half of what Bored Ape Yacht Club has since its inception. 
This is a testament to the success of Azuki and their mission: to create a virtual and decentralized space for artists, builders, and web3 enthusiasts – a virtual place of freedom and prosperity. 
The current collection contains 10,000 unique and relentless anime skateboard characters that will spearhead Azukis campaign to become the number one decentralized brand of the world. 
One of the coolest things about NFTs is the way they are able to break down barriers, inspire hope, and change the world straight from the metaverse. 
One of the embodiments of this is former MLB player Micah Johnson who is also the brains behind the new and exciting Akutars NFT collection. 
Akutars are all about inspiring people and motivating them to achieve their dreams no matter what social barriers might stand in their way.
The inspiration for this NFT collection came directly from Johnson’s nephew who asked him whether astronauts could be black. To show his nephew they could, he started designing the flagship character for the collection: Aku. 
From there it just took off, and now there is an entire universe created, dedicated to inspire young kids everywhere to follow their dreams no matter what barriers are in their way. 
The collection consists of 15,000 unique NFTs, and by owning one of these you gain access to a cultural smorgasbord of culture-defining experiences, products, and collaborations. With some of the world’s leading creative design, technology, and community management professionals to back Johnson up, great things are certainly in store for this collection.
These were just three of the many interesting and fierce NFT collections to have come out or will be released here in 2022. It would take an entire encyclopedia to include them all, so for now, we will have to make do. 
These three projects have without a doubt made their mark on the world of NFTs, and there are no signs they are going anywhere anytime soon. Be it Alpha Gang, Azuki, or Akutars, here you have three amazing NFTs highlighted for your portfolio. Take your pick. 

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