Ira Concept, developer of organic and biodegradable sanitary products, presents "The Vaginal Seasons", a charity NFT collection to help raise awareness on the period poverty issue.
A collaboration with 1b1, an NFT gallery, the collection was launched on the 1b1 platform on Saturday to mark Menstrual Hygiene Day and give an opportunity to everyone to take part in the change together.
A perfect combination between NFTs and a social campaign, the collection uses art as a tool to address social issues with the aim to destigmatise subjects that have been overlooked or hidden, and change society’s perception of issues regarding gender equality and period poverty.
The campaign aims to normalise menstruation and emphasise the importance of menstrual hygiene management as a basic human rights practice. Period poverty exists widely in Thailand and the world, especially in vulnerable and low-income communities. Without access to basic necessity products like sanitary pads, women are directly affected mentally and physically.
This collection features the work of four talented artists/illustrators with four distinct styles — Meanlee, Reenp, Sasi Tee and Sprinkle on Cake. Together, they produced 10,000 NFT artworks that depict the different moods and phases a woman or girl goes through in a menstrual cycle, with an outline of a vulva to transition into different stages.
Everyone can contribute to this social campaign in three ways — buy an NFT in the collection and 50% of the price will be donated and equals 210 pads; buy a print from the collection at 1b1 store and 25% of the price will be donated and equals to 80 pads for posters or 90 pads for framed prints; or simply donate money to the campaign via Ira Concept.
Every option of participation will directly go to the purchase and distribution of Ira sanitary pads to women and girls under the care of Luukrieng Youth Group and Karen Women’s Organisation which are affected by period poverty.
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