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Olio Lusso is making history as the first beauty company to officially enter the NFT market with the launch of Oliolusso Beauty & Vulnerabilities on OpenSea. The NFT collection features unique artwork pieces designed to raise awareness about mental health with the goal of bringing attention to people’s sensitivity to the “inner” wellbeing of individuals.
There has been a steady increase in mental health advocacy, with government institutions as well as private organizations and individuals dedicating resources to the cause. However, more needs to be done in this regard, with recent statistics revealing that between 11 and 18% of the global population have one or more mental or substance use disorder. Consequently, the team at Olio Lusso have taken a significant step towards helping more people break free and achieve improved mental wellness with the Beauty and Vulnerabilities NFT collection.
The Beauty and Vulnerabilities collection aims to celebrate individuality and beauty whilst opening up a discourse to the inner vulnerabilities and mental wellbeing of humans. Beauty and Vulnerabilities features 1.9k items available in different designs at a floor price of 0.2ETH on OpenSea. The move by Olio Lusso is particularly unique and laudable, especially due to its historic nature and the cause it represents.
For further information about Olio Lusso and the range of products offered, visit – https://oliolusso.com/.

About Olio Lusso
Olio Lusso is a leading beauty company known for providing a plethora of products made with the highest quality ingredients. The company’s range of products include perfumes, body oils, hair oils, lip balm, facial cleanser, and a host of others. Olio Lusso also recently launched an NFT collection that focuses on mental health and the challenges of patients.
Media Contact
Company Name: Olio Lusso
Contact Person: Ieva Kubiliute
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Country: United Kingdom
Website: oliolusso.com

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