The “Art Manifesto” Art Performance Illustrated The Flaws In The Crypto Industry And Introduced A Special NFT Collection With Unique Benefits
The ALTER EGO Project Group recently organized a major art event in the city of Venice to celebrate the release of the exclusive NFT art collection, Memento Mori. The “Art Manifesto” event opened a discussion about the ineffectiveness of most crypto projects on the market today. Each NFT grants the holder special privileges and acts as the access pass to an exclusive metaverse experience.
The creators of the Art Manifesto believe that 99% of them are scams and only 1% will change the world. The crypto market continues to go through periods of increased volatility and global economic conditions continue to deteriorate against a backdrop of rising inflation and interest rates.
The Art Manifesto performance was based on the premise of the recent cryptocurrency market crash. It made observations of the bad faith practices in the industry, including scams, rug pulls, and greed. The performers thus “laid to rest” popular tokens in a mock burial. This was a way to symbolize the death of the practices and customs of the old market and to greet the rebirth of a new paradigm led by their new project.
“It’s getting obvious that the [financial] crisis itself is a challenge to the entire market,” said Julia D.Lantieri, founder of ALTER EGO, “To revive it, we need new players and a new product that carries true values. That’s what ‘Manifest’ Memento Mori’ is about.”
In order to obtain an NFT from the Memento Mori collection, users must complete the Quest. The idea of Quest is straightforward. Anyone who deciphers all the messages and completes the Quest will gain access to purchase this special NFT: a one-of-a-kind key that will open the door to the MMXXII metaverse along with a few other powerful benefits. This is an exciting way for the best and brightest minds to join the new, forward-thinking community.
The MMXXII metaverse is anticipated to serve as the Alexandria Library of the twenty-first century. It will house our modern civilization’s knowledge, accomplishments, and masterpieces while also safeguarding them for future generations. The metaverse will also offer recorded lectures from top universities around the world, virtual parties, gatherings with friends, group meditations, and an NFT marketplace.
platform users the opportunity to listen to recorded lectures from world-renowned universities, throw virtual parties, get together with friends for a cup of coffee, meditate in specially designed “power spots,” and shop for NFTs.
There are a total of 6,765 unique NFT keys from the Memento Mori collection. These keys allow users to gain immediate access to the secret experience as well as the following perks:
“The crisis has united the industry. We believe that it’s an opportunity to create new products with true values. The purpose of ‘Memento Mori’ is to remind us that nothing lasts forever – neither markets nor culture.”
The ALTER EGO Project Group is an internationally recognized architecture and design company partnered with a long list of high-class art, design, and architectural ventures, as well as many restaurants and even real estate companies. The close-knit team includes real estate experts, leading architects and builders, and professional designers and decorators. Their talent, energy, experience, and efforts are fully brought to bear on each project.
“We aspire to build a community of like-minded people, best of the best – innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists, culture bearers, athletes to preserve and enhance the cultural heritage together.”
The ALTER EGO Project Group is a premium architectural bureau. A family business founded in 2002, the primary headquarters is in Milan. Over the past 20 years they have been creating and implementing large-scale projects around the globe – mansions and penthouses, villas and boutique hotels, private yachts, and jets. Featured in Forbes and many other major publications, their list of clientele includes members of the Royal families, prominent politicians, and celebrities. In addition, some of the most prestigious design accolades have been earned by the ALTER EGO team.

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