Lady Ape Club (LAC), a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, has chosen to mint on STRMNFT, StreamCoin’s dedicated NFT marketplace. This move makes the first massive minting campaign on STRMNFT.
According to a representative from LAC, the reason they chose STRMNFT was that they have seen a “promising” NFT ecosystem that will be built on its backbone. The NFT collective also mentioned STRMNFT’s unique NFT minting protocol NSTA_602 as one of the factors that piqued its interest.
The LAC representative added:
A lot of NFT collections struggle with the minting fee since most major blockchains do not scale well when there are a lot of minting requests being submitted. We believe that minting on STRMNFT for a change will allow us to capitalize on the budding ecosystem that StreamCoin is ushering forward.
Spearheaded by TNC Art Team, LAC is a new type of NFT collection that claims to offer exclusive perks to Lady Ape holders. In addition, the NFT group is planning to launch Baby Apes through breeding. No other information regarding breeding has been provided on its website and social media channels yet.
For its part, the StreamCoin team said that it has developed a “unique methodology” for minting and certifying the NFT ownership on its STRMNFT marketplace. The said marketplace has now gone live and is waiving its NFT minting fee until July 2022. What is more, over 5,000 users have already registered on the marketplace since May 31, according to StreamCoin.
In contrast, most NFT collections require holders to spend money to cover the minting cost. It would not be uncommon for anyone to spend from $100 to $1,000 just to mint one NFT.
For instance, Cereal Club made a minting auction that started from 0.35 ETH, which is at least $431 today, given the current crypto winter. However, when these NFTs were minted in February 2022, the price would have more than doubled.
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