Crypto markets are experiencing what could be described as an extended bear market. But despite the falling price of crypto assets, the NFT space shows signs of health.
Several NFT collections, blue-chips in particular, are outperforming Bitcoin and all other crypto assets. Not only that, but NFTs are increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives, evolving beyond simple digital art and pioneering innovative use cases in the healthcare, real estate, sports, and entertainment industries.
NFTs are also becoming popular as a vehicle for charity, helping fund social and environmental initiatives for a better world. Unuverse is a prime example of how NFTs can have a deep impact on the planet, specifically on its biodiversity.
Unuverse is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) powered by an animal-themed collection of 3,333 NFTs. The NFTs serve as an investment vehicle, as well as a means to access the metaverse and bring about change in the real world.
Paying homage to the Bible, the NFT collection (Animal Kingdom 3333) will list them on the Unu Ark. Users can see what their animal is trading at and which impact project is attached to it. It will feature several different animals and act as a comprehensive database for enraged species. In many ways, Unu Ark is designed to be a Web3 version of the United Nations Red List.
The goal of Unuverse is for its NFT collection to act as an official indicator of the health of Earth’s biodiversity by tracking the population numbers of different species. Furthermore, the NFTs will act as a catalyst for change, funding several new projects and causes directly linked to animal life preservation.
Owners of one of the 3,333 NFTs will gain voting rights over the governance of the Unuverse DAO. They will have the chance to vote and propose new projects/causes to fund. The Unuverse DAO will then allocate a portion of the mining capability of the $UNU token to the project/causes voted one, thus generating a source of income for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other partners.
Beyond its impact on the environment, the Unu Ark collection will also offer owners perks and exclusive access within the metaverse.
Each NFT has a set of intrinsic stats, known as “Super Values”, which determine its rarity.
The most popular and rare NFTs will be integrated into metaverse platforms like Sandbox and Wilder World, acting as playable in-game characters, items, or companions.
Special NFTs representing popular animals will be minted further down the road, offering increased utility within the Unuverse DAO.
Regardless of how crypto markets react over the short to mid-term, NFTs are here to stay and continue redefining digital asset ownership. It’s expected that, over the upcoming decade, projects like Unuverse will transform NFTs into a powerful tool for societal, environmental, and economic change.
Unuverse is a community-driven project and animal-themed collection of 3,333 NFTs.
Each NFT represents a different race from the animal kingdom and the entire collection acts as a decentralized database for endangered species, similar to the United Nations Red List.
By owning the native token, $UNU, or one of the NFT animals, users gain governance rights over the Unuverse DAO and can vote to fund multiple projects promoting biodiversity and the protection of endangered species.
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