Although some people may not see much merit in NFTs, it remains a lucrative industry for flippers. Despite the crypto markets still being caught between bearish and bullish, several NFT collections saw their price floor change dramatically. An interesting development, although sustaining growth will always be tricky. 
It is interesting to see an NFT collection increase its price floor by 144.48%. Traditionally, that’d happen in collections with low volume, yet Moonrunners generated over 5,463 ETH in weekly trades across over 16,000 transactions. The collection also welcomes 639 new owners, although the listings increased by 887. 
The Milady NFT collection has been around for a while and notes a strong surge in overall interest. Its price floor is up by 137.82% this week, although the 325 ETH in volume is less spectacular than the collection above. Milady noted 38 sales, welcoming 12 new owners and seeing 96 listings removed from secondary marketplaces.
For those wondering how many more ape-themed NFT collections there will be, the answer is “unknown.” Society of Derivative Apes would be one of the less successful ones, even if its price floor noted a 100% increase this week. There is just 0.53 ETH in volume across 30 sales, making it easier to pump its perceived value. Moreover, there are eight fewer owners, despite 71 listings being removed. 
There is always room for new and intriguing NFT collections catering to virtual worlds and the metaverse. Overall interest in Metroverse City Block has increased substantially, thanks to 786 new owners picking up an NFT. That also boosted the price floor by 73.64%, even though its trading volume is just over 86 ETH. An additional 32 listings were taken offline, resulting in 1.4% of the collection listed for sale today.
It has been a while since Phanta Bear made the rounds in the top rankings, yet the collection is back in force. With over 105 ETH in weekly volume and 150 sales, the price floor increased by 70%. Additionally, there are 19 fewer owners and 31 extra listings, but that doesn’t seem to deter its momentum. 

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