Doge Capital is a Solana-based NFT collection consisting of 5000 charming 24×24 pixel dogs.
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced. They’re frequently employed to represent objects in video games or digital art, and have recently hit the mainstream world and become a hot topic in crypto circles and beyond.
Thanks to Dogecoin’s growing popularity, as well as the explosive fame of NFTs, a collection of pixelated dog NFTs, Doge Capital, was launched.
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Doge Capital has been developed and maintained by groups of experts in specific fields. Cryptofunnel is the group in charge of Lead Development and Cryptohike with marketing. Meanwhile, Thiccdoge is the artist who created the unique and remarkable appearance of the website and each Doge.
The founders of Doge decided to choose, Solana is a decentralized crypto computing platform that offers fast transaction rates while allowing for scalable applications, as its blockchain platform. Solana is a permissionless, open-source, high-performance layer 1 that allows anyone on the planet to create and deploy crypto applications that can scale faster than most chains.
Doge Capital is a Solana-based NFT collection consisting of 5000 charming 24×24 pixel art collections, utility airdrops, and the $DAWG token as its basis. It focuses on fair exchange for both collectors and artists.
It boasts a compilation of 5000 adorable 24×24 pixel art that runs on the Solana Blockchain. A Doge Capital NFt entitles the owner to Woof Club membership and exclusive advantages. A holder of a Doge Capital and member of the Woof Club is called a Woofer.
The Woofbank is a place where NFT holders buy and safely keep NFTs and other assets for their community. Woofbank account holders have a variety of NFT choices, including Monkeys, Birds, Villagers, and many more. The options are limitless. Furthermore, each Doge bearer will have full ownership of these assets.
To purchase a Doge Capital, go to any Solana marketplace where the token is available, and click to connect your wallet. You will be prompted by other options such as Phantom, Slope, Solfare, or Sollet, choose one, and sign in. This will only work if the prospective Woofer has previously signed up to the mentioned wallets. Once logged in, the new Woofer can purchase any Doge Capital of their choice, while checking the rarity ranking at the same time.
$DAWG is the official utility token of the Doge Capital ecosystem and a cryptocurrency on the Solana Blockchain. $DAWG will be used as a currency within the Doge Capital ecosystem to purchase exclusive merchandise, change NFT metadata, attend exclusive member events, pay for auctions, and so on.
Doge Capital can be purchased on marketplaces that run on the Solana blockchain, these are Magic Eden, Solanart, FTX NFTs, and Digital Eyes. Woofers can also customize their Doge Capital in these marketplaces while staying updated on its volume and price.
Woofers (holders of the Doge Capital) have a wide range of options to customize their dogs. They can select the type of Doge like purple, dark, zombie, skeleton, Solana, or alien. Aside from that, they can customize its appearance by putting on different eyeglasses for the eyes, accessories for the mouth, types of clothing, hats, and unique background colors. This option allows the Woofer to create and customize more Doges through mix and match.
Since its launch, Doge Capital has been undergoing some progressive developments which make the token more valuable in marketplaces run by Solana Blockchain.
This discord bot will be the team’s first fully customizable bot development. It will be used to verify Woofers, including those who staked, and will also have a Twitter connection option, allowing them to organize raids and contests on Twitter and reward woofers that engage with the project’s Twitter regularly.
It is the first step toward achieving the entire Doge customization goal. Mint authority has been transferred to an on-chain contract, allowing woofers to edit the metadata of their doges by engaging with the contract. The first version of this contract will allow Woofers to customize the name and description of their Doges.
No details have been disclosed with this yet, but soon the team behind Doge Capital will reveal more details as the game gets closer to launch. The game’s Rust contract has already been built. All that is known for now is that it is a game that woofers and cryptocurrency traders would like. The platform’s revenue will either be dispersed to DC holders or used to purchase back $DAWG.
A launchpad that assists new projects in getting started on Solana by offering minting, marketing support, and a complete beginning set that includes a staking system, token creation, and a verification bot. A portion of the revenue generated by the launchpad would be used to repurchase $DAWG and distribute it to DC holders. DC holders would also be eligible for special whitelists and airdrops from collaborating projects.
Staking NFTs nowadays can be a bit tricky, but when a trader finally decides on which NFT to buy everything gets easier. The team behind Doge Capital also added uniqueness and fun to each token by giving the Woofers a chance to customize their Doge according to their liking. A
side from that, there are 5000 cute 24X24 pixel art collections that exist on the Solana Blockchain. Woofers are granted membership to the Woof club and are granted owner-exclusive perks. These features make Doge Capital competitive among other NFTs on marketplaces. Many traders have also decided to join the Woof club to show off their unique Doges.