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The team behind Cooter King, a groundbreaking project created to help support wildlife conservation, is set to take its pursuit to another level, following plans to release an NFT collection. Cooter King is designed as a hyper deflationary, auto-staking BSC token (COOT) with several aspects to the project, created as a cryptocurrency altcoin on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.
“At Cooter King, We Are Incredibly Generous With Our Community, So Our Community Can Be Incredibly Generous Towards Wildlife Conservation!”
Wildlife has become endangered over the years, leading to the extinction and near-extinction of several animals and species. A plethora of initiatives has been developed in recent times to put a stop to the activities of poachers and other practices that have endangered wildlife. However, more needs to be done in this respect, which is where the Cooter King Project is looking to make a difference by bringing together wildlife conversation lovers through blockchain technology and its functionalities.
Cooter King (COOT) donates a portion of the token sales to help support wildlife conservation. The release of the NFT collection will further drive the cause as championed by Cooter King, helping to raise funds for charities and other similar organizations supporting wildlife conversation. Each NFT owner will receive credits to select COOT merchandise and receive COOT tokens with their purchase. NFT holders will also get access to The King’s Court, a community where they receive exclusive updates and have first access to any new offers. 
In addition to the amazing perks for turtle lovers and other wildlife conversation advocates, the NFT also enables holders to play games and earn, with several games currently available on the Google Play Store. The games are free to play, and each month the high score will receive COOT as a reward. A portion of the games’ proceeds will also be donated to support wildlife conservation. Keep up with Cooter King’s NFT launch on OpenSea.
For further information about the NFT launch and other aspects of the Cooter King project, visit – https://cooterking.org/. The campaign for wildlife conversation continues across social media, including Twitter and YouTube.

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Country: United States
Website: https://cooterking.org/

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