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Jul 01, 2022, 07:53 ET
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AV. DE FONTVIEILLE, Monaco, July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NFTON, the online market for artists for purchasing, selling, and discovering unique digital assets or NFTs is creating a lot of buzz in the NFT industry. NFTON is a one-of-a-kind marketplace developed for artists by the artists.

NFTON aims to target only quality artists of the modern world and genuinely promote arts and culture on the website. Trading NFTs comes secondary for NFTON users. Anyone can invest in NFTs, and the NFT ownership is secured by blockchain to lock in ownership digitally, keeping the asset securely with the person who bought or created it. 
Patrick Mimran is the visionary behind NFTON. A French multimedia artist and composer and the former CEO of Lamborghini, Mimran is globally known for his artwork across various mediums, including installations, digital art, electronic music, sculptures, figurative language, and paintings.
He is also the creative brains behind The Billboard Project, which ran from 2000 to 2012 in London, Miami, New York, Tokyo, and Venice. The billboards were a commentary about art and the relationship between artists and dealers. 
"The goal of NFTON may seem to enable easy and smooth NFT trade. However, it is so much more! We want digital creators across the globe to have a platform wherein they connect with other high-ranking or performing artists and exchange their love for art and culture. We really hope we make "loving art" cool again and build a strong community of artists on our NFT website," explains Mimran.
Videos, digital artwork, photographs, music — NFTON supports various types of NFTs. One can create, purchase and sell NFTs as individual pieces or as a collection on the marketplace. It is also possible to buy and resell NFTs, retaining their ownership, to earn recurring royalty.
To get started on NFTON, one needs to set up the wallet via the wallet extension installed in the browser and select the option to create single or multiple NFTs.
Pick any digital collectible category and set the selling price in Ethereum currency. Name the NFT in the title field and write its description. After filling out the required details, click on the "Create NFT" button to successfully create the NFT.
Showcase the freshly minted NFT on the NFTON Gallery for no cost. The gallery account owner can connect with the artists – outside of the system – and manage the financial dealings of the artwork hassle-free. NFTON offers a free minting service and ensures the artists do not have to pay any other fees to get started on the platform.
Moreover, listing on the NFTON marketplace is easy and requires one to click the "Sell" button to set the selling price, currency, and other potential fees related to the sale.
If the NFT can be resold, NFTON allows the seller to add the royalty percentage and increase the number of copies to be minted of the digital asset.
Asset distribution is undertaken by smart contracts deployed on the blockchain. Once the entire process is finished, the marketplace admins review the verification requests from the backend. 
Not only this, NFTON can integrate with some of the top global NFT wallets, including Metamask, Math Wallet, and Coinbase, for carrying out quick and budget-friendly transactions.
For those looking to collaborate and connect with artists like themselves and review trending yet impressive and ground-breaking art, please visit the official website of NFTON or contact them directly by filling out the form.
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