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New York, July 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  MoonPay,  the world’s leading web3 infrastructure company, and leading NFT art curator NFTGrails, today announced a partnership to launch Alec Monopoly’s upcoming generative NFT collection, Rags to Richie, leveraging HyperMint, MoonPay’s newly launched enterprise NFT platform. HyperMint, a new self-service platform from MoonPay that enables enterprises, creative agencies, brands, and more to create, manage, and mint hundreds of millions of NFTs a day, will serve as the exclusive minting partner for the NFT collection.

Rags to Richie is a street-art focused utility NFT collection featuring a  play-to-earn NFT game, a metaverse club and Digital Art Gallery, in-person exclusive events, and more than $1 million in giveaways and prizes to holders as part of its initial plans. The collection centers on a new character created by Monopoly, combining elements of his most popular subjects with 10,000 unique NFTs featuring traits and backgrounds personally hand drawn by Monopoly. 
MoonPay’s HyperMint will power the underlying smart contract and NFT minting for the Rags to Richie collection drop. MoonPay’s integrated NFT checkout will allow users to purchase the collection with ease, using their credit and debit cards and apple pay. The new collection will leverage HyperMint’s concurrent minting to facilitate crypto payments allowing the drop to target both crypto native and crypto curious customers.
Monopoly has also partnered with JOYSTICK to create an immersive SandBox Club and Metaverse Art Gallery to exhibit Alec’s ‘Rags to Richie’ art. A major event featuring Monopoly doing a Live DJ Set in Sandbox, in the Rags to Richie space will take place after the collection launches. 
“MoonPay’s partnership with Alec Monopoly is a blueprint for the next phase of NFTs—real world utility. Alec’s development of the ‘Rags to Richie’ collection seamlessly blends artistry and utility by unlocking a new path for audiences to create, explore, and play with art,” said Ivan Soto-Wright, CEO of MoonPay. “This is an exciting step forward for both Alec as an artist and NFTs as a medium. We’re honored to be a part of the project.”
“Ivan and the MoonPay team are dear friends and at the forefront of Web3 innovation,” said Avery Andon, CEO of NFTGrails. “It’s an amazing benefit for the Rags to Richie NFT to leverage HyperMint for a safe, secure and seamless minting experience.” 
“I’m excited to open the project beyond just the crypto community, with MoonPay’s ability to easily accept credit cards and ensure this mint is smooth and secure,” said Alec Monopoly. 
NFTGrails will be hosting a Twitter Space with Alec Monopoly, MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright, and other guests on Wednesday, July 20th at 5pm EST.  
To learn more about the NFT drop, please visit the Rags to Richie Discord at discord.gg/ragstorichie and follow on Twitter at @ragstorichienft
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