A custom solution allowing banks and their customers to calculate SBA PPP loan amounts based on unique business characteristics
CFO survey: inflation up, confidence down, challenges mounting
Diversity and inclusion drive economic growth
Diversity and inclusion drive economic growth
When policy shifts, our insights and analysis can help you plan and respond
A U.S. regional bank achieved 125% growth in total assets after we helped with its technology transformation.
2020 set a new high in annual PE software deal value. Together with PitchBook, we give you the focused insights to take advantage of the trends.
How banking, energy and manufacturing can thrive in the face of an uncertain global economy.
Private company boards should bring the backgrounds and insights to understand risks and opportunities and drive the business forward.
Collaboration and technology result in genuine progress, said former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley.
When addressing the new expectations of your workforce, speed is a key factor. What will help even more is using a holistic approach to create a winning strategy.
Your ERM needs to cover new gaps and drive new value.
Our audits ensure confidence in our client’s financial information.
Whether you are looking to improve the performance of your tax functions or streamline and automate your data collection, we understand your challenges.
Executives are advised to pay special attention to emerging trends that will shape how boards and investors talk about ESG in 2021.
A successful blockchain requires trust, and smart contracts require assurance. Meet those needs with governance by design.
To stay ahead, you need a dynamic infrastructure that drives value from the core of your digital transformation strategy.
This isn’t the tech you know. This is alyx™ – our streamlined concierge-enabled platform that connects real problems with the right resources and real solutions.
The potential is great – what to know before taking action
Companies must focus on attracting and retaining talent, modernizing HR to serve new business needs while becoming more efficient.
COVID-19 has caused PE firms to adjust their valuation practices – postponing valuations to avoid reset triggers, exploring new approaches to valuations or diversifying existing ones.
Banks face new challenges on regulation, ESG, mortgages, digital assets, audit, tax or digital transformation in 2022.
Grant Thornton surveyed energy company finance executives and CEOs to take a pulse of the industry.
Attract and keep caregivers by finding out what matters, such as flexibility and benefits, and reaching them earlier.
When spending money to attract customers, business leaders must first prioritize who they are targeting – new customers or familiar faces.
Matt Tierney and Andrée Bourgon from Grant Thornton discuss how to execute a winning ecosystem strategy to manage insurance companies.
A medical researcher accelerated purchases by 45% with a new tech implementation plan.
Optimism is growing for manufacturing M&A. Find out how to prepare, so that you can take advantage of the right situations while the market is hot.
Our NFT Playbook is a roadmap to addressing IP rights, business infrastructure and risk for media & entertainment companies and others.
Experience-based insights, approaches and solutions to help navigate today’s complex landscape
COVID-19 has caused PE firms to adjust their valuation practices – postponing valuations to avoid reset triggers, exploring new approaches to valuations or diversifying existing ones.
Drivers, key risks and opportunities from our leaders and Nareit’s senior v.p. of research and economic analysis
Global supply chain issues, an unusual holiday season, rising freight costs and intensifying ESG expectations complicate the retail industry outlook.
You can outsource cybersecurity, but you can’t outsource your risks. Find out how to manage the business risks behind data.
Our tech CFO survey showed leaders plan more acquisitions, real estate and automation, while digital tax changes drive restructuring.
The COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the global economy, with manufacturers and the travel industry bearing the initial brunt as the impact expands.
I’m on the move and driving my career.
How we work matters as much as what we do.
Cunningham’s organization, Free Mom Hugs, is on a mission to create allies who support the LGBTQIA+ community through visibility, education, conversation and – of course – hugs.
Explore how we help you make the most of every opportunity.
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