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Jun 29, 2022, 11:28 ET
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HEFEI, China, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — iFLYTEK, one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) and speech technology companies, recently launched its digital collection app Xingzhou, "Star Day" in English, with two non-fungible tokens (NFTs) released for sale on June 20.
Wei Bangdeng, director of Xingzhou, said it took nearly 4 months for his team to design and produce the two NFTs. One, developed for Father’s Day, features a representation of a Chinese father; and the other features artwork designed by the renowned inheritor of Chinese cultural heritage, Bailu Xiazi, depicting artificial intelligence (AI) developers who gathered at the iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival in the style of traditional papercutting.
Statistics show that the value of the Chinese digital collection market is estimated to grow to between 50 and 80 billion yuan within three years. iFLYTEK is positioned to play a pivotal role in standardizing practices, curbing market speculation, and cultivating creators in the industry through its AI technologies and open platform service.
The Xingzhou platform will play a supportive role in managing and creating virtual figures for iFLYTEK as part of the company’s Super Brain 2030 Plan. The plan consists of a three-phase strategic initiative that will advance the quality and availability of personal robotics and artificial intelligence solutions to assist families and communities.
According to Wei, "By virtue of iFLYTEK’s AI technologies and its large AI developer base, we will integrate internal and external resources to develop and release digital collections to appeal to more collectors and better motivate NFT creators, thereby creating a platform that enjoys healthy development."
About iFLYTEK – iFLYTEK is one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) and speech technology companies. For more information, please visit
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