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Bear market or not, one thing is for sure – the NFT space never stops. On the contrary, as the price of ETH rebounds from recent lows and the community rides the waves of last week’s NFT NYC, there is no shortage of people continuing to launch NFT projects. As a matter of fact, there are even some upcoming NFT mints that might be worth taking a look at.
Let’s dive into some of the notable NFT projects launching over the next week.
Minting this Wednesday, Therapets is an upcoming NFT brand centered around thought-provoking lore and mental health. This generative collection of 2,222 unique NFTs was created from 12 hand-drawn layers and several wonderful traits. Notably, each NFT features a human together with their Therapet.
These titular animals act as guides, shepherding their human through the forest of their own minds. Thus speaking to Therapets’ mission of bringing mental health awareness and support to the NFT community.
Therapets NFTs will cost 0.05 ETH during the presale, and 0.06 ETH in the public sale. What’s more, holders of the Therapets Forest Friends Genesis Collection can mint an NFT for free + gas.
The upcoming mint for the 10,000 Zombie Friends expands on the world created through the original J. Pierce & Friends NFTs.
Justin Pierce’s J. Pierce & Friends collection uses colorful and playful designs in his signature style. The 4,000-piece collection minted for 0.037 ETH back in January. At the time of writing, the floor price of the collection is 0.044 ETH. Significantly, the first 4,000 Zombie Friends NFTs will be available to J.Pierce & Friends holders as a free mint. Otherwise, the Zombie friends will mint for 0.12 ETH.
The next upcoming NFT mint to keep an eye on is the Switch Heads by renowned artist James Alfie. Basically, the Switch Heads are a collectible reminder that “we’re all made up of different elements, maybe a bit quirky but perfectly unique.”
Another key point about the Switch Heads is its fun mint generator. To explain, minters will “pull” a mint generator lever and watch their Switch Head NFT be generated in real-time. This is certainly a fun spin on generative NFT artwork.
Interestingly the Switch Heads team does not have a mint price publicly posted on any channels. In any case, people interested in the quirky composite heads can register to mint on the Switch Heads website. It’s important to note that only people who have registered will be able to mint.
To put it simply, The Possessed is one of the most hyped NFT mints of the year. To be sure, the market may not be nearly as excited in general as when The Possessed NFT first went public months ago. Even so, with as much hype that the upcoming NFTs have garnered on Twitter, this mint is pretty much guaranteed to be an instant sell-out.
The allowlist sale for The Possessed begins at 9 AM EST on June 30th and ends at 7 PM EST, at which point the public sale begins. Interestingly, there are 5.5K NFTs allocated to the allowlist sale, with 4.5K NFTs plus any leftovers will go to the public sale. In addition, The Possessed had previously announced its mint prices of o.25 ETH for the allowlist, and 0.35 ETH for public sale.
As with many super hyped mints, The Possessed public sale is shaping up to be a massive gas war. Although the project did do a raffle for public sale spots, the public sale is overallocated 3X. So anybody who won the public sale raffle will have to act incredibly fast to have any chance to secure their Possessed NFT.
Last but by no means least is the provocatively named, Fuck Pass NFT. Following in the footsteps of overnight blue-chip NFT collection Goblintown, Fuck Pass is a free mint NFT collection with precious few available details and a lot of hype.
The only art the project has put out are variations of the above logo. There’s no website, and although there is a Discord server, only a “Waitlist” channel is available for people looking to join at the moment.
Given the recent history of free mint NFTs, the fact that it’s not clear what Fuck Pass even is, hardly matters. Fuck Pass has grabbed a lot of attention and there are only 1,000 NFTs available. So you can pretty much bank on a rapid mint out. Whether the project has anything to offer beyond that… We’ll just have to wait and see.
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