Leading Visual Artist Anthony Piper Plans to Develop a Comic Book Based on the Marz Variants’ Story

LAS VEGAS, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nitches Inc., (NICH) (the “Company”) which blends high-tech with high-end fashion to create exclusive clothing lines and NFTs, today announced details about its “Peace on Marz” NFT campaign, including an amazing story that focuses on four different Marz Variant characters, as well as plans for a comic book collaboration with renowned visual artist Anthony Piper. Piper, who currently serves as Nitches’ creative director for the Peace On Marz project, created the popular Trill League web comic and graphic novel. Trill League was a social media sensation that combined black superheroes and hip-hop culture. Piper is working with “BadAss Vegan” influencer John Lewis to create an inclusive storyline for the “Peace on Marz” NFT campaign that features four main characters, along with variants of the characters to allow NFT owners more options to fully express their personalities.
“The collaboration between Anthony and John Lewis has led to some magical storytelling that everyone will love, featuring four very different Marz variants to appeal to a broad and diverse audience,” said John Morgan, Nitches CEO.  “From looking at the artwork and reading the story lines, I can see that painstaking time was spent to create characters that are truly compelling with strong, positive messages. It’s so different from any other current NFT projects that we are already looking at other avenues beyond the metaverse.”
Each of the four Marz Variants will have their own storylines and unique traits. Most NFT projects are based on only one character with multiple traits or objects that they can wear. “Peace on Marz” will bring a multitude of different variations to the characters, giving owners and PFP enthusiasts a wide variety of options to display.
“It was important that we create characters that reflect everyone in our society and not just the mainstream,” said John Lewis, “BadAss Vegan” influencer. “Our campaign is all about inclusivity and creating a peaceful, more positive planet together.”
Nitches plans to slowly reveal details about its “Peace On Marz” campaign to prevent copying and protect its intellectual property. A website for the project is currently in development.
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Nitches is a diversified technology and exclusive clothing company that blends high-tech with high-end  fashion to design luxury clothing items and NFTs. We specialize in creating limited-edition athleisure and streetwear apparel and accessories that are sustainable, authentic and exclusive. We collaborate with fashion-forward influencers and celebrities to create capsule collections that reflect their vision and brand. We develop innovative technology to protect our intellectual property and prevent counterfeiting. Nitches strives for creativity, excellence and value in all that we do for our collaborators, customers and stakeholders.
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