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Seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady has been holding more than pigskin these days. Always a Patriot to his New England fans, the 44-year-old has become a Buccaneer to likely conclude his NFL career. Now you can find Tom Terrific throwing spirals on the decentralized digital gridiron, commonly known as the blockchain. 
Perhaps you’ve heard rumors that the legendary quarterback is taking on various leadership roles in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency space. Those rumors are, indeed, true. The Brady name is now becoming so popular among crypto enthusiasts that he’s breaking records in NFTs along with the NFL.
Brady’s increasingly active role in the space is garnering attention from a crowd well-versed in all things 1s and 0s.
Autograph, now one of the most noteworthy projects in the crypto space, is the company Brady joined as co-founder. Besides co-founding and investing, he also has a seat on Autograph’s Board of Directors.
At its core, Autograph specializes in digital collectibles. The company leverages the hot NFT technology that emerged and rocked the crypto space over the early 2020s. Having already raked in over $170M from investors, according to Yahoo! Sports, Brady’s new platform is off to a smashing start. Autograph is positioned to be the leader in collectible sports NFTs. These allow fans to invest in their favorite athletes using scarce digital assets (NFTs) that rely upon blockchain technology.
While his founding role with Autograph is the most noteworthy of Brady’s crypto commitments, it’s far from the only. The power couple that comprises Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen has worked alongside the prominent cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, since the summer of 2021. 
On June 29, 2021, Brady went live on a Twitter Spaces roundtable with FTX team members and community alike to answer the “Why does Tom Brady keep tweeting about crypto” questions that had been commonplace throughout that Summer on the social platform.
Chatting with @SBF_Alameda tonight at 7 on @Twitter Spaces. I’ll be answering the “Why does Tom Brady keep posting about crypto” questions…or atleast will try to!
What attracted the Brady family to FTX among other exchanges involved his and Bündchen’s charitable ambitions, reports Bloomberg. As a public policy, the exchange is committed to donating 10% of all profits that the exchange generates to charitable organizations. Bündchen will direct where those funds are ultimately allocated; Brady will be a spokesperson for the brand.
Tom Brady is 44 years old and has his own:

➖ Podcast
➖ Clothing company
➖ Wellness brand
➖ Social media team
➖ Production company
➖ NFT marketplace
➖ $375 million broadcasting deal

…and he hasn't stopped playing football yet.
Judging from his commitments to date, there’s firm reason to believe there are more projects in the pipeline that Brady will adorn with his name and likeness. Some fans speculate ways Brady might leverage his growing authority in the crypto space.
One potential is to take his company, TB12, which helps athletes stay healthy long-term, to the digital decentralized space. One visit to his merch shop and it’s apparent that Tom has more opportunities to incorporate crypto. As of publication, Tom Brady’s merch section on TB12 does not support cryptocurrency as a payment method.
Tom Brady has had his name floating around the crypto space since around 2020, and it seems that will continue. Heck, Brady even donated one bitcoin to a fan who got his hands on the ball from his 600th career touchdown pass, reports CBS. While the team gave the fan a massive package to turn the ball over to Brady including season tickets and autographed memorabilia, it was Brady throwing in that bitcoin that got the fan to part with his pigskin memento. 
As fans of cryptocurrency and sports alike, those watching Brady’s involvement in blockchain tech will surely wait and watch Tom’s Twitter feed to see when the next big crypto splash will be.
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