Sadly, the NFT NYC conference took place at the beginning of what looks like a crypto bear market. The industry was blowing up when the estimated 15.000 attendees bought the tickets, which ranged between $599 and $1999. When June 20th arrived, most of their portfolios were probably down and tending towards disaster. That didn’t stop the party, though. Let’s check out the highlights of the three days of madness as reported by a horde of pseudonymous Twitter users.
We will also use this CNBC report as a source, to give legitimacy to our article. They described the scene as follows:
“Inside the Marriott Marquis nearby, where the conference has rented six floors, crowds packed the hallways, flanked by vendors taking up almost all available floor space. Many in the crowd, mostly men ranging from teens to late 30s, were in a perpetual state of pitching their idea for how to improve on what they all seem to agree is the future of art and digital collectibles.”
However, to paint a clearer picture, we need photos and videos. 
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Since Bitcoinist is a positive publication, let’s start by giving credit where credit’s due. Click here for the negative part.
It’s official – @coolcatsnft changed the game with Cooltopia at NFT NYC
— NickyBeaster (@NickyBeaster) June 23, 2022

They had a game going on in which you could earn exclusive prizes. “Love this free event to the public where you can collect points and claim merch!,” tweeted Michaela. She’s going to be one of this NFT NYC report’s protagonists.
We like the cats! @coolcatsnft @cloncast love this free event to the public where you can collect points and claim merch!
— MICHAELA @ NFT NYC (@michaela_nft) June 22, 2022

I included one pfp in this year’s exhibition, because it had a special personal touch: hand-embellishing by one of the great creators of our time, @heidiklum!
To the power of derivatives, and the connection that comes from making art your own 🍷⚔️❤️‍🔥
— Cozomo de’ Medici (@CozomoMedici) June 24, 2022

World Of Women artist Yam Karkai was also part of NFT NYC and of this exhibit.
What an amazing welcome NYC! 💜Thank you so much @CozomoMedici 🙏🤩
— Yam – in NYC 📍 (@YKarkai) June 20, 2022

And in this simple animation, you can see all of the art pieces from the de’ Medici collection that were part of the exhibit.
I went to capture Birth of Luci by @SamSpratt as a part of #TheMediciCollection exhibition in Times Square, I ended up making these.
Artists:@XCOPYART @artblocks_io@tylerxhobbs@ryan_talbot_@PasanenJenni@luispon_c@deekaymotion@heidiklum
— Caleb Lee Adams (@calebleeadams) June 23, 2022

Chromie Squiggle by @ArtOnBlockchain
(Yes, Squiggles move)
— Curated ⌐◨-◨ (@curatedxyz) June 22, 2022

NFT NYC thoughts: Web3 is the dopest space in the world. There’s so much love in the community and it’s surreal meeting people that are fans of my content & support me daily. Y’all are amazing and I love you. Fuck your bear market 🤝
— ThreadGuy.eth 👑 @NFT NYC (@notthreadguy) June 24, 2022

yeah but were y’all feeding the entire NFT community + the streets for free all week? 👀
— Cold (@coldxbt) June 24, 2022

At one point, they parked it in front of a McDonald’s. That’s hilarious.
😂 they parked outside McDonald’s
— Harvey (@HarveysNFT) June 24, 2022

Looking at some data post @NFT_NYC reveals @goblintownwtf is a winner. Feels like the event is a way for new projects to show how "serious" they are and goblins did that. 1/4
— ElBarto_Crypto (@ElBarto_Crypto) June 24, 2022
— MICHAELA @ NFT NYC (@michaela_nft) June 24, 2022

Click here for The Bad and The Ugly side of the NFT NYC conference.
NFT NYC, Goblin Town actors
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