NFTs have become a hot topic of discussion as a major disruptor of the traditional art market. Typically framed in relation to digital artists (like Beeple, the artist who broke records at auction with his $69 million NFT in the spring of 2021), NFTs have also swiftly been gaining traction among established artists working in traditional media, particularly in photography.
Ashlyn Davis Burns has been representing traditional lens-based artists’ physical work and their collections in the NFT space since 2021. In this ArtTable talk, the audience will hear about the significance of the blockchain for photography, its growing market position, and probable directions for the future. Burns will cover landmark projects that have created the current market for NFT photography, as well as new platforms that have launched in the past year, including her own. The platform will support some of the most prominent photographers of the 20th and 21st centuries through their “genesis drops” in the space.
This is a virtual event.
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