The Internet Computer Review
Jun 20
The Internet Computer (IC), the world’s fastest and most scalable general-purpose blockchain, has seen incredible growth over its first year, with thousands of entrepreneurs and developers building dapps as well as increasing numbers of active users on various IC platforms. This momentum has recently culminated in the global Supernova Hackathon. With over 3,500 registrations, Supernova offers developers and entrepreneurs up to $6 million in prizes and funding for Web3 dapps across social media, gaming, DeFi, NFTs, and beyond. Submissions will be accepted until June 20, 11:45 PM Pacific Time. Learn everything you need to know about Supernova on Devpost.
To celebrate Supernova, the DFINITY Foundation is reviving the Motoko Day Drop NFT collection to distribute a new set of Motoko Mechs NFTs to the Internet Computer’s expanding developer community.
Motoko is an open-source, actor-based programming language that is optimized for the Internet Computer. Created by Andreas Rossberg, co-creator of WebAssembly, and a team of programming language experts, Motoko makes it easier for developers to efficiently build Web3 applications and leverage the Internet Computer blockchain’s unique features. Last year, the DFINITY Foundation organized the first Motoko Day Drop for Motoko’s second anniversary during NFT.NYC 2021, airdropping 10,000 Motoko Ghosts NFTs designed by PokedStudio to participants of the conference as well as members of the ICP community via DSCVR.
The Motoko Mechs series is a collection of 2,021 unique NFTs to celebrate the Internet Computer’s first year since its Genesis launch. Each Motoko Mech components is the product of intensive design, featuring a distinctive combination of various materials and color elements — corresponding to the Internet Computer’s R&D Roadmap and the Brand Colors Guide, such as Copper (2019 Q4 Milestone) and ICP’s secondary color Razzmatazz — as well as various component configurations and propulsion systems. Rarity is determined by the limited number of available components that construct the Motoko Mechs.
The new Motoko Mechs NFTs will be airdropped to teams that submit viable projects for consideration during Supernova. The remaining Motoko Mechs will be distributed among holders of the previous Motoko Ghosts NFTs according to a snapshot, as well as random ICP community members voting in the Supernova Community Choice track from July 1 to July 10.
The Motoko Mechs is executive produced by Andrew Tang, DFINITY’s General Manager of Web3 Games and former General Manager at Unity Technologies, in collaboration with notable Unreal Engine graphic artist Alex Wu.
For the original Motoko Day Drop, DFINITY partnered with the product studio Toniq Labs, whose Entrepot is currently the largest NFT marketplace in the Internet Computer ecosystem. Toniq Labs will also manage the minting and airdropping of the Motoko Mechs collection.
While NFTs on conventional blockchains typically refer to assets that are hosted on centralized providers, NFTs on the Internet Computer are hosted entirely on-chain, making them more resilient and capable of enhanced integrations and utility. Entrepot has more than 130 collections with total assets exceeding 250GB — including 3D objects, music, videos, flowers that change their animations based on BTC price, and more — all of it hosted on the Internet Computer.
The cost of on-chain data storage on the Internet Computer is $5 per GB per year, and the IC’s reverse-gas model eliminates minting/gas fees for users to interact with the network.
Toniq Labs is just one of the many talented teams already building on the Internet Computer, with thousands more entering the ecosystem via Supernova. The DFINITY Foundation welcomes the new developers and entrepreneurs who have joined this vibrant community and are helping to determine the course of Web3 by building on the most powerful general-purpose blockchain in existence today.


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