ConsenSys Mesh company TreeTrunk empowers every artist to embed and sell their work directly on any website, collect and distribute royalties on-chain, and leverage the power of community marketing.
NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This week, the cutting-edge and highly decentralized NFT platform TreeTrunk, a ConsenSys Mesh company, made its ground-breaking debut, using a powerful new NFT draft standard that enables any creator to turn original artwork into ‘trees’ of authorized digital prints.

TreeTrunk’s technology gives collectors the right to make and sell reprints and earn royalties immediately and irrevocably on-chain. It also empowers collectors to generate families of editions for their NFTs, sell reprints, and earn royalties without having to sell their NFTs. Its launch heralds a stronger, more resilient NFT economy that truly and sustainably improves the financial picture for artists and collectors in a period where the traditional speculative model of NFT “investment” is faltering.
During the launch event, celebrity NFT artists Nyla Hayes, Blaine Thurier, Julie Pacino, Robbie Trevino, Sabet, Richard Jacobs, Diego Berro, Matty Mo, and Rob Mars launched their TreeTrunk NFTs, joining the existing cohort of TreeTrunk NFT artists who launched earlier in June including Arabella Proffer, Brandon Breaux, Carmilla Sumantry, CryptoJeweler, Dilek Sezen, Ishita Banerjee, LA+CH, Logik, Sam Madhu, and Vimal Chandran.
“When we first started working on TreeTrunk, we spoke with artists worldwide who were using NFTs to earn a real living from their art – some, for the first time in their careers,” said John Wolpert, ConsenSys Mesh executive and co-founder of TreeTrunk. “But as recent events have shown, selling NFTs as though they were the actual art and relying solely on the expectation that someone else will buy that digital record for more later is not a way to build stable income for most artists in the long run. We built TreeTrunk to turn that around, put the focus back on the art, and improve the economics for both creators and collectors. We are building a better and more resilient NFT economy that keeps artists in control of their work and rewards collectors.”
Learn more about TreeTrunk on their website here.
This week, TreeTrunk, a ConsenSys Mesh company, makes its debut, empowering NFT artists to launch authorized digital prints of their original works.