RISE with Refugees, a company dedicated to sustainable solutions to empower refugees, announced the launch of “The RISE Collection” of NFTs in partnership with Next Decentrum Technologies Inc. to coincide with World Refugee Day. 
A collection of original photographs, it’s the first-ever refugee co-led NFT collection showcasing hope and resilience amongst those displaced in multiple countries.
“The humanitarian system is broken and we’re failing refugees. There are roughly 27 million refugees, half of whom are children out of school and most are unemployed adults. We must do better and find sustainable solutions to uplift refugees, rather than band-aid solutions that perpetuate a cycle of poverty,” said Laila Soudi, founder of RISE with Refugees. “It’s our responsibility to build a world where no one is left behind — one where the vulnerable have equal access to opportunities for self-sufficiency, education, employment and healthcare.”
Most of the proceeds will go directly to efforts that empower refugees, as the collection aims to illustrate their incredible resilience in rising from adversity and represents the commitment to helping those in need with impactful, long-lasting solutions. 
“We’re thrilled to invite the NFT community to this great cause,” said Hussein Hallak, founder and CEO of Next Decentrum. “We’ve worked closely with Laila to bring this collection to life and share the objectives that RISE has in raising awareness about refugee conditions globally, building community and fundraising for causes that truly empower refugees.”
Those interested in viewing and attaining one of the Photography NFTs may visit
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RISE with Refugees is a commitment to rise to the occasion and help support refugees globally with impactful, long-lasting solutions for self-empowerment. We’re against short-term solutions that dis-empower refugees and keep them dependent on aid and believe in true social and economic justice for refugees globally. Most proceeds from the Collection will support organizations focused on refugee empowerment and part of the proceeds will go to those photographed, enabling their financial empowerment.
Laila Soudi, former lead of Stanford University’s response to the refugee crisis, is currently co-founder and consultant of a program to expand Stanford Medicine in the MENA region. 
Source: Next Decentrum Technologies Inc.
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