The Frogs > Fiat art gallery for bitcoin NFTs opens tomorrow in lower Manhattan, NY and will have many prominent artists and collectors in attendance.
The Frogs>Fiat art gallery in lower Manhattan, NY – featuring bitcoin-only non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – opens tomorrow and runs through Thursday. The gallery will feature prominent artists like Ghostface Killah from the hip-hop group, Wu Tang Clan.
The gallery will host over 25 original pieces from the Fake Rares and Fake Commons bitcoin art collections and attendees of the gallery will be able to mint NFTs on demand with the only BTC NFT ATM, which will give physical art pieces for free.
Some of the largest collectors in the ecosystem have been attracted to the Fake Rares art collection, and Ghostface, along with Rare Scilla, currently have the highest priced piece which sold for $250,000 last fall. Well over 100 artists have contributed over 500 original works of art worth over 200 BTC valued around $4 million to this collection.
The Fake Rares collections catalyzed the current wave of NFTs being built on BTC and XCP by modeling the original Rare Pepe trading frenzy from 2016-2017. This collection was also the first to bring MP4 files and music to bitcoin – like that of Ghostface Killah – through Counterparty’s token XCP. While most are conceptually aware of NFTs being built on BTC, the mention of XCP might be a new concept.
In short, XCP is a way to tokenize information through a layer two application by embedding data into bitcoin transactions. XCP is not a sidechain, nor is it a competitor chain. It cannot exist without the Bitcoin protocol or BTC as its primary asset.
The gallery opens from 11 a.m ET each day to late night at 80 W Broadway, Manhattan NY and will be running next-door to Scare City’s PEPE is ART gallery which will feature Rare Pepe grails and other modern Pepe creations. This event was planned in conjunction with the Fake Basel art gallery which ran from June 15-19 in Basel, Switzerland which also featured digital and physical Pepe art.