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The 4th annual NFT Industry Event is happening from June 20-23, 2022.  To celebrate the growing influence of NFT NYC 2022, MetaOne studios is releasing its first 100 Genesis sets to coincide with the opening of this grand event, which has taken the NFT industry by storm. These NFTs show a group of lovable anthropomorphic apes with diverse passions and backgrounds. 
MZ Services Inc., a private company based in Boston, Massachusetts, established MetaOne Studios, a division concentrating on Web3 and NFT development. They are now prepared to inform potential partners about their upcoming NFT collections. Whether it be through an oil painting or, in this case, through NFTs, abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock once said that “art is coming face to face with yourself.” Taking this quote to heart, MetaOne Studios has decided to create imaginative and aesthetically pleasing NFT collections to portray the ingenuity, beauty, and diversity of humanity.
The Meta Ape Society uses the anthropomorphized representation of an animated and captivating ape to establish the framework for human storytelling. The team and the passionate community of the NFT token holders will help build a robust IP portfolio using this framework, and the community will share in the wealth created by such a portfolio. MetaOne Studios has also submitted applications to secure brand protection. The Meta Ape Society NFTs will be able to serve as brand ambassadors for various goods and services with the help of this strategy. As more use cases are demonstrated in both the real world and the Metaverse, the brand value that is already present in this collection will grow faster.
A spokesperson for MetaOne Studios described the highlights of the company’s NFT project: “The Meta Ape Society showcases a collection that is representative of the diverse and rich experiences of mankind. Since inception, we have closely observed the IP value of the creation. Steps have been taken to protect the value with the help of trademark applications and licensing agreements. This attention and consideration to the IP of the project set us apart from our competitors”.
To purchase these NFTs on the OpenSea, visit: https://opensea.io/MetaOneStudios
For more details about the project, visit: https://metaonestudios.com/metaape
For updates, follow @MetaOneStudios on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Watch the announcement video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS2DpBdLpXI

Media Contact
Company Name: MZ Services Inc.
Contact Person: Mark Zheng
Email: Send Email
City: Newton
State: Massachusetts
Country: United States
Website: metaonestudios.com/metaape

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