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Socialize, Play and Create. The three words represent the Chainers NFT collection on the Solana blockchain.
In today’s world, NFT collections have taken the internet by storm and indeed brought a lot of success to the cryptocurrency and the metaverse scheme.
Chainers’ NFT collection claims they are not just another PFP collection but a whole ecosystem. Let’s get into detail about this unique project!
Chainers are 11,111 alien NFT avatars that co-exist on the Solana blockchain. Chainers used to live within a utopian homeland with a despotic dictatorship. Now they decided to escape their harsh environment and head to the planet earth.
On earth, these cool-designed and pixelized alien creatures have created their metaverse called Chainverse. Inside Chainverse, opportunities flow like rivers, while only those who own at least one Chainer NFT can experience the play-to-earn opportunities.
Holders inside Chainverse can create their own empire within the metaverse while also doing exciting activities such as exploring, meeting new people, building, and, most importantly, getting rewarded!
There are three ways to get whitelisted:
As said before, a Chainer NFT will grant access to plenty of opportunities inside the Chainverse, and the best way to get your hands on them is by getting whitelisted!
Whitelisted users will enjoy the following benefits:
The Chainers metaverse will have a dual token economy. The primary and in-game currency will be ChainCoin ($CCC). ChainCoin will have many burning mechanisms and be used for in-game transactions and the marketplace. The coin also has an unlimited supply and will offer $CHU to players who stake it!
Chainers: Universe ($CHU) will be the secondary token. CHU will function as the governance currency, and holders will have control over important decisions in Chainers. The token has a max supply of 1B, and users can also earn this token by buying and holding NFTs from the Chainer’s public sales. (There is also a referral system, rewarding users with CHU for their activity)
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