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G-Link is building the ultimate Web 3.0 mobile gaming ecosystem that will be the gateway for Web 2.0ecosystem users.
Mobile blockchain gaming potential is yet to be unleashed
The traditional gaming industry is large but slowing down — meanwhile, the potential for blockchain gaming is massive but untapped. Traditional gaming’s revenue was US$178.37 billion in 2021, up by only 15.1% year-on-year. Meanwhile, blockchain gaming’s revenue surged to US$2.32 billion as of 2021 Q3, or a much higher 722.7% increase year-to-date. 
In other words, Web 3.0 gaming’s market size stood at 1.3% of traditional gaming in 2021, which points to a significant potential for expanding market share.
G-Link will bring Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0, through the widespread pastime of mobile games. By requiring only a familiar Web 2.0 account registration to start earning, G-Link offers a frictionless onboarding that lowers the entry barriers for newcomers to Web 3.0.
Understand the potential for connecting the gaming community in Web 3.0? Early investors will be able to:
Gamers: Enjoy earning free
Ever tried playing blockchain games? The current reality is disappointing.
That’s exactly why G-Link is releasing casual to mid-core games that are fun. Four exciting games are slated for release in 2022, and over 10 game developers are in talks to add a greater variety of games to G-Link’s gameverse platform.
Upcoming games include: 
Switch between games at any time, without seeing previous playing efforts go to waste. G-Link’s GSwap function allows gamers to keep all the value they have earned, by facilitating seamless trading between in-game assets.
Game developers: Launch on Web 3.0 without the hassle
In Web 3.0, smaller game developers should be able to launch their dream games successfully too. 
G-Link is designed to take care of the two biggest obstacles: Dealing with the blockchain, and getting games to gamers.
Expensive and troublesome to build a blockchain game? G-Link acts as a layer that minimizes fees and lets developers create the interactive gameplay they want. The platform’s GameFi incubator also grants developers the funding needed.
Hard to reach gamers? G-Link will bring in the players, by being the go-to blockchain games store for discovering new games.
G-Link’s utility-first platform NFT: Chief Toad
The Chief Toad NFT holders gain instant VIP membership access to G-Link’s gameverse platform. Perks include the ability to create guilds in the gameverse, enjoy early access to games in beta and to virtual land sales, higher in-game earnings, and benefits for the GLINK token IDO.
The Chief Toad NFT collection will be minted from 5-7 July 2022, with a total supply of 10,000 at 0.08-0.1ETH.
G-Link’s IDO: GLINK token
G-Link will be holding the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for the Ethereum-based platform GLINK token in August 2022. Holders of the Chief Toad NFT will receive a higher percentage of the GLINK token airdrops and are whitelisted for the GLINK token pre-sale.
The GLINK token will power all transactions on the G-Link platform:
Media contact:
Yuqian Lim
Public Relations Officer, G-Link
About G-Link
G-Link is building the ecosystem that links the gaming community of gamers, game developers, and investors. With the GLINK token enabling a gameverse of fun blockchain games, games incubator, NFT marketplace, and the GSwap trading network, G-Link aims to bring Web 2.0 users to Web 3.0, through mobile gaming. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at
About Chief Toad
Chief Toad is G-Link’s utility-first genesis NFT collection, which acts as a VIP membership into G-Link’s gameverse. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter at
Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.
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