LONDON, 17 June 2022: Kreation, in conjunction with international rap sensation TYGA, has announced a 1/1 auction to take place on Magic Eden on June 17 at 5 p.m. BST, as well as a 10,000-piece PFP NFT collection minting live on June 18, 2022.
The ARTEM Coin partnership now extends to the ‘Ten Thousand Tyga(T10T) NFT series.
The ARTEM Coin was created in HOFA Gallery’s elite art community-owned DeFi pool and HOFA-DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. 
The ARTEM Coin is a fungible digital token designed for the fine art, digital art, and luxury collectibles markets as well as the worldwide community of artists. It is built on the same technologies as Solana. It allows for private viewings of meticulously organized shows and events presented by HOFA Gallery and its affiliate companies.
HOFA Gallery and Kreation’s co-founder, Elio D’Anna remarked: “The link with cryptocurrency token ARTEM is important to TYGA’s T10T project, not just for digital art collectors and NFT enthusiasts, but also for crypto traders and investors with interest in long-term holding benefits.” 
D’Anna further stated, “Staking of the ARTEM token provides both collectors and investors with different levels of rewards, depending on the amount the holder has staked. Because the vast majority of ARTEM stakers are also holders, the price of ARTEM has remained stable on exchanges – about 80 percent of the cryptocurrency is held in stakes.” 
Staking rewards change every month and give traders, investors, and fans of both art and NFTs a unique experience and chance to make extra income.
The T10T series combines ancient aesthetics with cutting-edge modern digital art with firm roots in the CryptoArt sphere, drawing inspiration from the ancient Pharaonic tombs and deities of Ancient Egypt thrown into the far technological future. Ten thousand individual NFTs make up the PFP collection, each showing a wide variety of shapes, neons, and compositions depicting a different world and galaxy.
The NFTs’ unique combinations of characteristics give rise to a wide range of rarities. Additional features of the concept include VIP access to TYGA performances in the Metaverse, wearables, and play-to-earn (P2E) functions in video games.
Kreation co-founder, Jake Elias, said: “Linking TYGA’s T10T collection with ARTEM provides a real opportunity for collectors: Not only can they acquire rare NFTs, but they also can make use of a cryptocurrency that is stable and lasting.” 
Magic Eden, the biggest NFT store on the Solana Blockchain and home to over 800,000 daily users, will be the only place where the T10T NFT Collection can be purchased.
On June 17, 2022, at 5 pm (BST), Kreation and TYGA will release their ‘Ten Thousand TYGA’ (T10T) NFT collection on Magic Eden, and on June 18, 2022, they will release their ‘Ten Thousand TYGA’ (PFP) collection, minting live 10,000 pieces.

Over 600,000 albums and 12 million singles have been sold by this 33-year-old American rapper of Afro-Jamaican and Vietnamese origin, who arrived on the music scene in his late teens to early twenties and has sold over 600,000 albums. He is also an online celebrity, entrepreneur, and fan of the Metaverse. During his tenure as the Pioneering Experience Officer for a prominent metaverse gaming firm in 2021, he became a character in the company’s gaming world. The phenomenally talented performer even has a clothing brand influenced by historic Egyptian artwork that grabbed the streetwear industry by storm in the middle of the 2010s.
Kreation is a portal that provides easy and quick entry to ultra-rare and limited edition NFT artworks developed in close cooperation with rising and renowned modern artists as well as iconic figures such as celebrities, singers, and world-famous sports. Kreation is a one-stop-shop for obtaining, storing, and exchanging NFT artworks. It is developed on the Metaplex Protocol and in conjunction with Magic Eden.

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