Vancouver, Canada, March 7th, 2022Immortalize Me is launching the first ever user-generated NFT collection on March 16th at 10pm GMT.
Non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as NFTs, are collections of digital artforms (images/videos/music). Put simply, it’s like buying and selling one-of-a-kind trading cards but digitally, on the blockchain using cryptocurrency.
NFT projects usually consist of an art collection that was created prior to launch by a single artist, but Immortalize Me is launching something completely new. They’re giving minters full creative control for the first time ever. 
Whether it’s their own art, photography, drawings, or even a selfie, minters (initial buyers) can “upload” their creative to build their own unique NFT. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for minters to express their creative aspect in the form of an image that will live alongside other images forever.
The Immortalize Me concept is to “immortalize” something important to you on the blockchain and into a shared collection, where the result will be the most diverse and unique NFT collection to exist to date. The earlier you are, the higher the value.
IM Genesis is the first 1000 NFTs of the Immortalize Me project. The first 100 minters will get a VIP rare trait on their image, increasing the value of their mint. We highly advise getting on the Whitelist so that you don’t miss out on being the first 100. 
Drop schedule:
Beyond the IM Genesis launch, Immortalize Me plans an exciting roadmap that will continue to increase the value of the holders’ tokens by providing sufficient social and material utility through exclusive experiences. First on the list is a VIP yacht party for the first 100 holders in April. More information on the roadmap to come soon.
Join their Discord for updates and whitelist opportunities for the upcoming drop: 
About Immortalize Me
Immortalize Me is the first ever user-generated NFT project Based in Vancouver Canada, Immortalize Me sets out to create the most unique and diverse collection to date. IM Genesis – first 1000 tokens – dropping on March 16th. The project is backed by a team who currently work in software & tech. Twitter Discord Website
Media Contact
Name: Emma Reynolds
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Josh Pierce is a 3d NFT artist that has a “passion for the creative process as a method for solving design challenges for unifying ideas from all resources.”  Professionally trained at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, Josh has experience in After Effects and Cinema 4d having created surreal landscapes with beautiful colors, geometry, and light.  JPierce joins Nifty Gateway on March 1st releasing his Portals collection as open editions. He has an incredible following on instagram with over 100k followers viewing his tremendous art.
Jpierce has also enjoyed previous success with crypto art selling for multiple Ethereum on SuperRare.

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