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Are you looking for the Best NFT Projects for 2022?. The NFTs have gained traction over the past year, and recently Popular NFT projects are trying to bridge the gap between web 3 and web 2 space. Fashion, sports, art, music, and comics are some industries NFTs have entered and offer different utilities to the holders. 
The overnight success of several Leading NFT projects is inspiring others to join this space. But before putting the time plus money into NFTs, finding out which projects to invest in is essential. Without the proper knowledge, most NFT collectors or traders end up buying digital artwork that is of no benefit.
In this article, we are covering the Top NFT project to watch, which are already established projects and safe and trusted as well. 
Best NFT Projects 2022 Trusted & Popular Ones To WatchBest NFT Projects 2022 Trusted & Popular Ones To Watch
There are ample NFT projects launched on a day-to-day basis. But only a handful will be able to rise and fulfill all the things mentioned in the roadmap plus build an excellent community for their holders. Knowing the upcoming projects beforehand can help NFT traders or collectors find the best projects with lucrative potential.
With the NFT trading volume reaching billions on the secondary market (OpenSea), the number of new projects has increased exponentially. Therefore, it is wise to only handpick the best one from the Top NFT Projects list to reduce the risk of trading or scams. 
Among the top 10 NFT projects on OpenSea in 2022, 7 of them are having 10k NFT collections, and the others are popular Metaverses. The current top NFT projects have maintained their popularity and demand through constant development, rewards to the holders, marketing, staking, and other features. The listing below presents the top 10 NFT projects to watch and what they have achieved over a small period of time. 
Azuki Top Rated Anime-Based NFTs With 10,000 Unique Collectibles.Azuki Top Rated Anime-Based NFTs With 10,000 Unique Collectibles.
Azuki is among the most trusted NFT projects with a collection of 10,000 anime-based NFTs launched during the famous bull run of January 2022. As of 15 May 2022, the floor price of a single Azuki is 14 ETH, along with a total volume trade of 239.3K ETH on OpenSea. The holders of the Azuki NFTs obtained access to exclusive drops, IRL events, giveaways, and other perks. 
Moreover, Beanz is another famous project created by TeamAzuki with 20.0K items and a floor price plus volume traded of 1.98 ETH and 60.6K ETH, respectively (15 May 2022). The Azuki project has continued to stay in the limelight due to the team’s great marketing skills, constant rewards, as well as a staunch community. 
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Bored Ape Yacht Club Popular NFT Project In 2022 With A Great Community.Bored Ape Yacht Club Popular NFT Project In 2022 With A Great Community.
BAYC contains 10,000 unique apes and is currently the most famous project in the NFT space that was launched in May of 2021. The project was minted for 0.08 ETH and is now sitting at a floor price of about 101.75 ETH, along with a total trading volume to date is 569.8K ETH. 
MAYC, Kennel Club, and the recent OthersideMeta are also a part of the BAYC ecosystem that are sitting at a good floor price. Overall, BAYC is an OG in the NFT space that has constantly rewarded and built its community trust plus has given rise to several successful ape-like derivative projects. 
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Doodles NFT Best ETH-Based NFT Project With Rewards For Holders.Doodles NFT Best ETH-Based NFT Project With Rewards For Holders.
Sitting at a floor price of 14.79 ETH and 129.3K total volume trading, Doodles is a 10k collection launched in October 2021. The holders of the Doodles obtain exclusive access to the upcoming products, merch, plus IRL events. Dooplicator plus the Space Doodles are also successful NFT projects introduced by Doodles_LL and were available to the holders.
Moreover, the Doodles team is constantly expanding their universe and providing greater benefits to the holders. All of this has reduced the number of holders selling their NFTs and increased the demand and trust for the project.
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CryptoPunks: Popular NFT With ERC-721 StandardCryptoPunks: Popular NFT With ERC-721 Standard
Launched in mid-2017, CryptoPunks is among the first 10,000 NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain that was also an inspiration for the popular ERC-721 standard. As per OpenSea, the project has traded well over 900K ETH in total trading volume. It is also difficult to obtain because not many owners sell their CryptoPunk; therefore, the demand is extremely high. 
Currently, the cheapest CryptoPunk is available for 48.85 ETH. Larva Labs, the creator of Cryptopunks, has also introduced other successful projects like Autoglyphs and Meebits. The constant growth of the CryptoPunks ecosystem has excited many more NFT enthusiasts to be a part of this community. 
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Meebits NFTs Top Rated NFT Project With A Collection of 20,000 3D Voxel-Based NFT CharactersMeebits NFTs Top Rated NFT Project With A Collection of 20,000 3D Voxel-Based NFT Characters
The Meebits is a collection of 20,000 3D voxel-based NFT characters sitting at a floor price of 4.75 ETH plus 119.0K volume traded. As Cryptopunks are now considered 2D avatars, the 3D Meebits avatar was introduced to integrate with the virtual world/ Metaverse, games, and VR.
The high-resolution renders of the 3D Meebits give an opportunity for NFT traders/collectors to be a part of the Cryptopunk universe, thus increasing its demand.
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VeeFriends NFT Best NFT Project With Great NFT Community Headed By Gary Vaynerchuk VeeFriends NFT Best NFT Project With Great NFT Community Headed By Gary Vaynerchuk 
Launched in May 2021, the VeeFriends series 1 by Gary Vaynerchuk is ranked among the best NFT Projects with 10.3K artwork that currently stands at 7.98 ETH floor price plus 52.4K volume traded. The NFT holders obtain access to the multi-day event called VeeCon, for 3 years, which includes several shows ranging from business to entrepreneurship and creativity. 
The second series, launched in April, contains 52.8K items along with an OpenSea floor price of 0.628 ETH. The VeeFriends community is strong, with over 600 K members/followers on Discord and Twitter combined. Moreover, there are different rarities of the VeeFriends NFT project that offer unique benefits to the holders. 
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World of Women NFTs Well-Known NFT Project With Support To New Female Artists And Creators.World of Women NFTs Well-Known NFT Project With Support To New Female Artists And Creators.
The World of Women, or WOW, is one of the top NFT projects with a 10.0k collection and a floor price of 4.75 ETH and 68.6K ETH volume traded on OpenSea. The WOW project has helped increase diversity in the NFT space and provided new female artists and creators the inspiration to showcase their talents on the blockchain. 
Many well-known female celebrities and influencers acquired a WOW NFT, plus the constant development since its launch in July 2021 has made this project a well-established NFT collection. 
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DeGods NFT Best Solana-Based NFT Project In 2022DeGods NFT Best Solana-Based NFT Project In 2022
DeGods is a 10.0K NFT collection of 2d characters with traits ranging from background to clothing and eyewear. The NFT project is on the Solana blockchain and offers holders the option to mine DUST. 
Moreover, the holders also gain access to the DeGods community, and the tokens (DUST) can also be used to convert the NFTs into DeadGods. A single DeGods NFT is available at 320 or 270 SOL on OpenSea and MagicEden, respectively, 
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The MAYC is an NFT collection of up to 20,000 Apes that can be minted or generated after exposing an official Bored Ape to the ‘Mutant Serum.’ MAYC was launched in August 2021 and currently sits at a floor price of 20.7 ETH along with 398.5K Trading volume. 
Also, the MAYC was initially introduced to add newcomers within the BAYC ecosystem for a low-tier membership. Exciting airdrops, exclusive rewards, and a popular community have also made MAYC a well-known NFT project.
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Degenerate Ape Academy NFTs: Top Rated NFT Project Based on Solana Blockchain Degenerate Ape Academy NFTs: Top Rated NFT Project Based on Solana Blockchain 
Launched in December 2021, the Degenerate Ape Academy NFT project contains 10.0K items and currently sits at a floor price of 68 SOL on OpenSea. 
This NFT project has constantly developed over the past few months and is now among the Best NFT Projects on the Solana blockchain. With more than 110K followers on Twitter, the Degenerate Ape Academy has established a staunch and diverse community of NFT enthusiasts. 
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NFT projects currently utilize Twitter and Discord to build a community, reveal information about the drop, and connect with followers. Exploring Twitter and following prominent figures in the NFT space can help gain insights about lucrative future projects.
Also, Discord is used for revealing more details about the project and providing pre-sale spots. There are even NFT calendars that list all the projects being dropped on a specific day, week, or month along with their details such as price, official links, or descriptions. 
According to the OpenSea all-time ranking page, CryptoPunks takes the first spot with a trading volume of 900K ETH. The next three projects ( BAYC, MAYC, and Otherdeed for Otherside) are by Yuga Labs and have maintained a firm spot among the top contenders.
AZUKI and CLONE X are also two famous projects with a combined trading volume of over 400K ETH. Apart from the NFT projects, Metaverse like Decentraland and Sandbox also rank among the top 10 NFT projects on OpenSea. Recently, Moonbirds also joined the top 10 list with 10 NFTs and a floor price of 23.98 ETH. 
Since its announcement, almost every NFT project takes about 2 to 4 months to launch. NFT collectors or traders need to keep a lookout at this time to find out new projects introduced, upcoming launched projects, as well as series 2 of already established NFT projects.
New projects with lucrative potential are usually backed by well-known personalities in the NFT space, such as Gary Vee. Also, any best NFT projects in 2022, such as BAYC announcing a new collection, can even perform well in the market. Therefore, there are different ways to know the best projects only if the user constantly tracks the NFT market/space.
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