The Trash Panda Gang NFT collection is introducing a host of utilities to help its community attain health (physically and emotionally), personal growth, and self-development through the metaverse.
When compared to other digital collectibles, the NFT collection is not your ordinary set of digital art. Made of 5,555 hand-drawn art pieces, each NFT grants its owner far more unique and beneficial capabilities, with a focus on promoting community well-being.
Greater advancements in digital technology have made gaming and entertainment more realistic and interactive. However, the downside to this has been the gaming disorder – a condition that the World Health Organization recently added to its catalog of diseases.
For this reason, it is important that gaming and entertainment be used in a manner in which they support community health, in addition to personal and self-development. For instance, NFTs can be used to gamify health-tracking to ease the path towards achieving personal health goals. They can also be utilized in virtual spaces that support personal growth. Such benefits are the driving force behind the Trash Panda Gang NFT collection.
To help achieve these goals, the Trash Panda Gang company leverages blockchain, NFT, and the metaverse, alongside a number of recently added utilities. In the latter, the main utility that the firm recently introduced is the membership system.
In it, a holder of a Trash Panda Gang NFT is eligible for certain exclusive benefits. The list includes self-development events hosted by industry proponents, learning the stories of entrepreneurs and motivational speakers, and weekly member-specific workshops. Members also get to join Discord channels dedicated to helping members pursue connections and growth. 
Even more, NFT holders get to enjoy access to a private gym and wellness center, in addition to professional healthcare from a dedicated healthcare center. Other exclusive benefits are business debates and real-estate property viewings.
Trash Panda Gang has enabled all these value-adding benefits through its interaction with leading parties in the NFT and crypto industry. In the end, its NFT holders will gain health and emotional well-being, in addition to advantages like self-development, career growth, and wealth creation.
At present, the metaverse is what Trash Panda Gang mainly offers. In the future, the firm plans on including branded merchandise and community-building components. Trash Panda Gang will also direct at least 50% of its secondary royalties to its community. This will provide added benefits including exclusive experiences, workshops, and other events.