Ridley Scott’s RSA Films is officially entering the growing world of NFTs, announcing a partnership with multidisciplinary creative studio, Modern People. RSA will represent Modern People in the brand space, to IP holders in industries including entertainment, music and art, and for collaborations with independent content creators. The new partnership will pair RSA Films’ roster of storytellers–filmmakers, photographers, designers and artists–with Modern People’s premium team who bring expertise across design, craft, brand strategy and blockchain technology. 
“While the fluctuation in the cryptocurrency market is not going away any time soon, we have seen the potential for creative opportunities in web3 for NFTs, and now have the capabilities in place to pursue the best of them,” said Luke Ricci, president of RSA Films US. “We are thrilled to align with Modern People because they bring 360 expertise in the emerging NFT marketplace and will be a trusted partner for our clients who are looking for new opportunities in the space. Regardless of how they might want to participate, every brand, content creator or artist out there needs a web3 strategy to remain competitive. Our partnership with Modern People enables us to educate potential clients about how to be successful in this emerging industry and provides a platform for talent to create NFTs.”
Modern People founding partner Sylvain Tron, most recently managing director of creative and marketing agency, McKinney LA, said, “Craft and storytelling are two of the main pillars that can ensure success in the fast-moving world of web3 and NFTs. RSA Films has a long history of leaning into new technology to tell stories and an amazing roster of collaborators and partners making them an obvious partner for us. They’ve historically been known to take risks for their craft. Those risks often led to some of the best work of the past 50 years and we are honored to be part of their talent roster.” 
Tron continued, “Blockchain technology is undoubtedly an evolutionary leap for businesses and individuals alike. When changes of this magnitude occur however, there tends to be a lot of noise that comes with it. The pedigree of RSA combined with our shared values is designed to cut through that noise and to bring a level of trust, professionalism  and creativity that cannot be overlooked.”
The collective background of Modern People’s partners–Tron, Can Misirloglu, Tolga Yildiz, and advisor Thomas Rush–spans creative agencies, content studios and crypto startups.  Each partner has held leadership roles at industry-leading corporations and has garnered international awards for their work in advertising, design, digital marketing and film production.  
Rush commented, “As the crypto space continues to evolve, a multichain approach will continue to become more and more important and Modern People is built with that in mind. The team has experience working with various blockchains–ethereum, solana, fantom, polygon–and will leverage that experience to ensure that each project is suited to the right combination of technology, design, and economics, from choosing a wallet to developing a robust web3 strategy.“

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