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Dallas, Texas
Dallas, June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  
Prettiest Women” is a 2022 NFT project developed by a female artist known as Aurora. The unique fact about the current development is the age of the artist Aurora. At 65, Aurora is one of the oldest artists to bring her NFT collection to Open Sea. Aurora, the founder of Prettiest Women, considers that women will now be able to launch their NFTs and get some attention after the launch of Prettiest Women. However, Aurora’s story is more impressive because she did not begin illustrating until age 60.

During a recent interview, Aurora discussed certain beliefs that she has removed from her mindset to create her new NFT collection. She has dismissed the idea that women are “too old” to try anything new. It has freed up Aurora to create one of the rare female-focused NFT projects that will serve a growing market of female NFT collectors.
Aurora spent three months drawing all the traits for each Prettiest Women NFT. The result is a stunning collection of art designed to showcase the beauty of women from around the world. In effect, the NFT world is reverting to 2019, when it was easier to launch NFT projects.
The Prettiest Women NFT project is designed to showcase the female face, unlike any other NTF project. Each NFT is completed unique and includes specific traits such as skin tone, hair colour, jewellery, clothing, and more. 
The Prettiest Women project intends to provide a market for female NFT collectors. For the past two years, there have been tens of thousands of NFT projects have come to the market. However, few of these projects have focused on the female market. The Prettiest Women NFT is a way to meet the expanding need for more female-focused NFTs. Since the Prettiest Women NFT project is designed to appeal to women from all around the globe, each NFT is individualized to showcase the beauty of the female face from all around the world.
While each Prettiest Women NFT is unique, the entire collection is instantly recognizable since it portrays women’s styles. The goal is to create an easily identifiable community across the NFT space. It will make it easy for one Prettiest Women NFT owner to identify another Prettiest Women NFT owner. 
The Prettiest Women NFT project will give preferential pricing to the first buyers of the project. Pricing for the NFTs will start at 0.03 ETH for the first 1,000 NFTs minted. Afterwards, pricing will escalate. As an example, the 1001st through 2000th NFT will cost 0.053 ETH. The 5,001st NFT will be sold at 1 ETH. Finally, the 9001st through 10,000th NFT will be offered at 0.3ETH. 
Sales of the NFT will begin on June 18, 2022, which also coincides with Aurora’s 65th birthday. Soon after the minting of the NFTs, deals of the Prettiest Women NFT will be available on secondary markets such as Open Sea.
Future plans of the Prettiest Women project include active participation from the project creator – Aurora – to ensure that all Prettiest Women NFT owners get top value from their NFT. This includes possible integrations of the Prettiest Girl project into the Web3 space. Plans can include but are not limited to, games, 3D characters, and future NFT rollouts. Prettiest Women NFT owners will have a voice in the future direction of the project as Prettiest Women seeks to be the premier space for women in the NFT world. All plans and proposals will be announced on the project’s Discord server account.
The Prettiest Women NFT project is communicating with Prettiest Women NFT holders and prospective owners on their dedicated Discord account. The NFT team will continue to provide updates to the community via Discord. 
Potential users must visit the official website for further information. Join Twitter or Discord to join the community of women crypto enthusiasts.