Frogland Will Reward Owners of the Amphibious NFT Collection with Free Land within its Lore-Rich Metaverse
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LEESBURG, Va., June 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Good Ribbit Productions, LLC — a Web3 company founded by an all-star team of award-winning Disney, Sony, and Lucasfilm creatives — has announced that it will officially open up land sales to members of the The Notorious Frogs of Frogland NFT collection and its associated metaverse, “NewPangea” on Saturday, June 18th. The lore-rich NewPangea metaverse is populated by unique amphibian NFT characters that feature individual RPG statistics, for a true roleplay experience in a virtual world. To celebrate the project’s next leap in growth, existing Frogland NFT owners will be given a free land deed machine for each Frog owned, for placement in the central district of the NewPangea metaverse, the titular Frogland — with the optional flexibility to relocate.

Proceeds from the sales of the original Frogland NFT collection allow the project to scale with the community, unlike other metaverse initiatives that rely on VC funding. This funding approach allows Frogland to take full advantage of cutting-edge Web3 technologies to innovate in the burgeoning virtual universe sector. This also encourages the community to leverage Frogland’s fully-realized roleplaying mechanics — including the individual personality properties assigned to each Frogland NFT and player-assigned roles within the NewPangea metaverse. The Frogland team works directly with the Frogholders, receiving input from the community for new Frogland content and features.
A user-created society from the ground up with a strong focus on organic growth and creativity, the Frogland community has been inspired to flesh out their personal roles within the Frogland metaverse. Since the project’s launch, community members have self-organized into groups (or “Syndicates”) with shared goals, creating decentralized organizational structures that further inform gameplay and content additions to the project.
The launch of land sales follows community projects created within the Frogland metaverse, which includes the upcoming creation of new Web3 tracks from double Grammy award-winning producer Dumma Boy and Scott Page of Pink Floyd. Additional community projects include an environmentally-focused NFT project that utilizes the platform’s integration and gameplay to support the development of protected woodlands and forests. Another project is a podcast that is broadcast via a music studio existing within the NewPangea metaverse, with the goal of seeking new artists for collaborative efforts — minting their stems from the platform to collect royalties — and a community written and produced news program that covers “local” NewPangea news and crypto-related topics, and much more.
“Let content creators create, let users own their data, and let the funding come from an organic community; that’s our goal and our mantra,” said Andy Armstrong, co-founder and Chief of Production & Community. “The freedom of choice and ability to collaborate openly while tracking community contributions and financial gain from their efforts will create an unstoppable wave of inspiration and innovation. Content is king; the greatest tech in the world without good content is doomed to fail.”
Initially kicked off in June 2021, The Notorious Frogs of Frogland started as a 10k NFT project offering owners unique characters and digital avatars in Frogland, the original district in the NewPangea metaverse. Not simply portraits, each frog represents an important character in an ongoing story. The goal of Frogland? A virtual world with a thriving community given the tools to create, build, and design — whether that be music, visual art, epic stories, and more — all while reaping meaningful rewards. Frogland is the first of many gamified and fully customized districts within NewPangea for future partner projects, aimed at fostering and developing characters, content, and gameplay mechanics.
The team behind the Frogland metaverse carries quite the pedigree. Ed “Snoop Frog” Mason, CEO, has developed partnerships with NVIDIA and built products and prototypes for Samsung, LG, and Mattel. He was also recently a judge at the Bermuda International Film Festival, where he presented NFTs, Frogland, and the NewPangea metaverse to the United Nations. Matt Wilhelm aka “Froggy Digital”, is a co-founder and Chief Technical Officer/Frog” who has launched products for Microsoft, NPR, Samsung, and Discovery Communications. Anthony Shafer, Chief Creative Officer aka “Shrimp”, is an award-winning Hollywood veteran that has worked on iconic IPs like the Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Transformers franchises. Andy Jane Armstrong aka “Lollihops” is a co-founder and Chief of Production & Community with a background in the importance of human connection and nonverbal communication. Armstrong recently presented Frogland at the Game Developers Conference 2022 (GDC).
The rest of the Frogland team is a powerhouse of industry expertise and experience, including Damon Wolfe aka “Bugs”, former Computer Graphics Supervisor at Disney Animation Studio; Daniel Van Der Ghinse, developer, entrepreneur and defi specialist; Didi Mx, traditional fine artist; former head of Sony’s Flagship London Studio, Dr. Dave Ranyard, who helped create PlayStation Home and PlayStation VR content; Ali Durrant, former Project Manager for the development of PlayStation Home, and more.
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About Good Ribbit Productions, LLC
The Notorious Frogs began in June of 2021 as a 10k NFT project representative of their owners’ characters and avatars in Frogland, the founding district of our metaverse called NewPangea. The Frogland team has always seen the concept and the technologies that comprise Web3 as a pivotal moment in history, one where the users of technology become the beneficiary of social change — not simply the consumers for a centralized system that is based on one-way financial flow and the extraction of personal data. Our promise is to supply the framework, tools, and opportunity to support a new creative system that enables active participants to have more exposure to their audience, peers and professionals, and to supply them with a mechanism that can verify and reap the rewards for their contributions.


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