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by | Jun 13, 2022 | Adoption, Latest, NFTs
CADAF a new NFT marketplace that is powered by the Tezos blockchain will celebrate its first exclusive sale on June 20th.
The sale will be named ‘#RETOUCHED’ and it will focus on identity, the right to choose, and its expression in real life and the metaverse.
The art for the first exclusive sale is created by Stacie Ant and has been curated by Raina Mehler and Olive Allen.
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From the Illustration Library.

Founded in 2019 by Elena Zavelev and Andrea Steuer, CADAF (Crypto And Digital Art Fair) is a complete ecosystem for artists, curators, and collectors to discover, buy and learn about digital art and NFTs.
Unlike other NFT platforms, this new platform is unique in the sense that it has been built with a focus on curators in order to: ‘showcase their curatorial visions and discover new talents.’ 
The platform is said ‘to be led by curators, ruled by artists.’
CADAF also ‘supports the expansion of digital and new media art through a dedicated program of art fairs, festivals and educational programming around the world.’
Curators form a very important part of the traditional art world, where the role befits someone who has a deep knowledge of artistic works and is able to discover, select, interpret and manage different works of art from various artists.
These arts are then normally added to a collection, maybe in an art museum, or an art gallery. Curators can also be responsible for hosting art events and exhibitions.
As the art world has expanded and has been complemented by digital art, new tools are needed for all parties within the ecosystem and often the curator is overlooked.
Now, on Tezos, digital art curators will have a home to find emerging talents and exquisite art. Artists will have a place to be showcased.
In CADAF all parties from the digital art world form part of the overall ecosystem and it includes following benefits for different parties in the art world:
Curators have the power to build their visions, develop collections, and collaborate.
Artists participate in or curate shows & get access to the top curator network.
Collectors explore the highest quality art in an energy-efficient way and get rewarded for believing in the artist from early on.
For everyone, it is worth being involved in the CADAF community as they are seeking to take on the additional roles sometimes associated with traditional curators, supporting the digital art community with activities such as hosting IRL and virtual art events.
Some of these events include the following:
The OG Art fair for Fine Digital Art, Art NFTs & “Artsy” Collectibles (virtual & in-person)
Digital Art Month A Global Month Long Augmented Reality & Video Art Festival
Year-round Educational Programs & Workshops for CADAF Community
On June 20th, an IRL Launch Event will take place for the CADAF marketplace. It will be hosted at The National Arts Club in New York.
The sale is curated by Raina Mehler and Olive Allen and is for ‘RETOUCHED’: focused on identity, the right to choose and its expression in real life and the metaverse.
Raina Mehler is ‘…a collector, curator, producer and writer. She is a Director at Pace Gallery, serving as an artist liaison to interdisciplinary artists and working as a project manager on NFT projects.’
Olive Allen is ‘…a Russian-born New York-based tech entrepreneur and visual artist working at the intersection of art, tech, and gaming. 

Olive Allen is one of the first artists to work with the concept of Metaverse by creating immersive virtual environments and exploring this new world’s implications on society at large.’
The artist featured for the first exclusive sale will be Stacie Ant, a 3d/AR artist previously featured in publications such as Vice, Vogue IT and Vanity Fair to name a few.

The event will include a panel discussion with curators and artists, followed by networking and drinks.
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