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The two Hungarian-born fantasy and sci-fi illustrators Zoltán Boros and Gábor Szikszai have been painting their dreams on book covers and designing characters for well-known game programs on monitors and cardboards since the dawn of the computer age. In early June, they will launch their spectacular collection Girls, Robots, Dragons, which uses the latest – dynamic – NFT technology to build bridges to their fans.
Zoltán Boros and Gábor Szikszai’s names may sound familiar to many, having illustrated a wide range of science fiction and fantasy games and books over the past thirty years.
In their younger years, they established their international careers in Budapest at a fantasy book publisher, but since then the two illustrators, currently based in the US, have worked for some of the world’s most famous game companies, from Blizzard to Niantic. They’ve drawn and painted card decks for Magic the Gathering, monsters for Diablo, and illustrations for Dungeons and Dragons. Few people know that many of the best-known graphics for World of Warcraft and Star Wars were created by them.  
Now they’re setting out to conquer a new and unknown world. In the Girls, Robots, Dragons project, they dazzle their fans with amazing digital detail and spectacular solutions. Some exciting pieces are already available to view on the collection page at Visitors can also get a taste of the new possibilities of NFT technology, some of their dynamic NFT features can already be tried out on the site, where of course all the important information about the upcoming release can be found.
Unique technology
Great artistic performance is just one element of the collection. In addition to buying digital artworks, NFT owners can also purchase original Boros – Szikszai paintings, and numbered prints and, for the lucky ones, ask the artists questions in person at online meetings., offering the cutting edge of NFT technology, will enrich the works of the two artists with opportunities to connect more directly and personally with their fans.
This technology is so new that even its inventors are constantly experimenting with the possibilities of dynamic NFTs., a Singapore-based company founded by András Kristóf, entered the NFT market in 2021 with its innovative solutions under the name At that time, the company proved that there was a demand for technologies beyond JPG swapping in the NFT market with its self-funded NFT collection, and the company added unique features to its own collection to demonstrate the possibilities. In its first year, the company worked with celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Steve Aoki, Dirty Robot, and up-and-coming basketball player LaMelo Ball.
The company’s founder, András Kristóf, believes that NFT technology can help artists and celebrities speak directly to their fans. In turn, digital technology can help artworks reach art creators directly, bypassing the complicated channels that have been in place until now. This is the aim behind the current spectacular collection at Galaxis, which will be launched in June under the title Girls, Robots, Dragons.
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With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali’s interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.
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