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May 25, 2022, 08:50 ET
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VRYNT empowers influencers, celebrities and brands to create NFT collections that hyper-engage their fan base by unlocking community creativity
ATLANTA, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — VRYNT, a next generation community-driven platform that enables users to create unique NFTs with their favorite social influencers, is launching its first-ever collection — ORIGINS — on June 15.
Through the viral gamification of NFTs, VRYNT offers influencers, celebrities and brands a powerful tool to engage their audiences and generate value for all participants in the ecosystem in unprecedented ways.
As VRYNT CEO Scott Brown explains: "To unleash the true potential of NFTs, we designed VRYNT to allow social influencers to create a deeper connection with their audiences by unlocking the creativity of the community, at the same time allowing the community to participate in the economic success of the social influencer."
Come, create, collect and engage
At the core of VRYNT is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool built into VRYNT’s online platform. This opens the doors to the world of NFT’s in a fun and exciting way to everyone.
As an example, a collection might include images of personal items from the life of an influencer, art to inspire the next cover album of a band, or a sneak peek into a fashion designer’s next clothing line. These are only a few ways to create new immersive experiences with a community providing them more value.
Card packs, which vary in size and scarcity, are filled randomly with components for users to create a VRYNT NFT. The community can then creatively arrange the provided components to add a personal touch to their final creation.
"The VRYNT interface is designed to be an easy to use onramp for the majority of the world who is not yet familiar with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. They should expect a high quality, world-class, visually appealing interface that naturally guides them through the process of participating in a collection," says Oisín Lyons, VRYNT’s operation and community lead.
After minting the unique designs into NFTs, users can then trade them on VRYNT’s own marketplace.
Currently, the typical structure for minting NFTs alongside celebrity creators only allows money to flow one way: towards the celebrity. VRYNT is the first platform created to be an economically sustainable ecosystem that allows fans to participate in the success of the NFT collections, and this is where VRYNT is pioneering the way.
The platform empowers the community to profit by allowing its members to sell their NFTs outright, or accrue in-platform gallery rewards off their minted NFTs which can be used to purchase new component packs. Additionally, utilities that are attached to the NFTs could include benefits like discounted ticket prices, merchandise or invites to exclusive events.
On VRYNT, social influencers and their fans are capturing Meta Culture into a fun new asset class — the VRYNT NFT — that’s tradable in the community, and allows everyone to participate in the success of the collection and the influencer.
The Origins Collection with available card packs for minting NFTs will be live to the public on June 15 with a beta launch and whitelist beginning June 1. For more details go to
About VRYNT:
VRYNT brings the power of community based NFT monetization to the Metaverse. It hyper-engages the fan base of the Social Influencer through the viral gamification of NFTs. The platform decentralizes the business model, handing control of the revenue structure to Social Influencers and rewarding the entire ecosystem.
Media Contact: Oisín Lyons, [email protected]
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