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 HEIR, the digital platform building Web23 by celebrating the greatest athlete legacies of all time and transforming Web2 sports fans to Web3 owners, today announced its first athlete membership NFT with Chicago Bulls star and HEIR investor Lonzo Ball in collaboration with legendary streetwear designer Don C. Ball’s NFT collection marks the first official athlete launch on HEIR, built for GenZ and millennial fans to become owners on the blockchain as they experience priceless athlete engagement moments and co-create the future of sports culture.
Chicago native Don C serves as Creative Director for the fully generative art collection of 4,200 NFTs. Owners of Ball’s membership NFT will own the digital art and unlock insider’s access and utility as they will engage with the athletes and co-create content, products and experiences while the athletes build their legacies in real time.
“HEIR is evolving and elevating the fan experience by offering an innovative athlete engagement platform through a unique membership model. The platform provides an entirely new way for fans across the world to become owners in Web3 as they are able to co-create new content, products and experiences with athletes,” says Ball. “I’m excited to partner with HEIR as we work together to digitize the transition from fans to owners, empower first-person athlete storytelling, and provide athletes with a digital platform to build and monetize their brands on the blockchain. I had so much fun creating this first NFT collection with Don C and can’t wait for fans to experience these priceless moments of utility with me.”
“Lonzo’s membership NFT is all about paying homage to our shared love of basketball, our connection to the Windy City and approach for constant innovation,” says Don C. “Our goal is to reach the next generation of fans as HEIR introduces them into Web3, so we wanted to make something that would resonate and be truly unique. Working with HEIR and Lonzo while celebrating the city of Chicago with this NFT collection has been a really awesome experience.”
Ball’s Membership NFT collection will launch on June 7 through a mint on Magic Eden’s Launchpad, the leading NFT launch service provided by Solana’s #1 NFT marketplace. Owners will receive a legendary piece of the 4,200 supply collection.
“HEIR is giving athletes an unprecedented opportunity to create, scale and monetize their brands in Web3,” says HEIR co-founder Jeffrey Jordan. “As an early HEIR investor and one of the most compelling personalities in basketball, Lonzo is the perfect partner to headline our first Athlete Membership NFT launch. Together, we will create priceless experiences for our HEIR family as we transform sports fans to owners on the blockchain. On HEIR, NFT owners are considered more than just community members as we value them as a part of our family. We’re proud to be the leading digital platform that onboards new users into the virtual era of Web3.”
HEIR is a digital platform celebrating the greatest athlete legacies of all time. The platform’s purpose is rooted in HEIR’s mission of Web23 – jumping the Web2 to Web3 gap by transforming sports fans to owners. HEIR family members experience priceless athlete engagement moments as they co-create the future of sports culture. Join our family on Discord, Twitter and Instagram.
Magic Eden is the leading NFT marketplace on Solana, representing over 90% volume for all NFTs on chain. Magic Eden is a community-focused, NFT-based web3 ecosystem built on Solana with the mission of defining the future of NFTs. Led by former crypto, tech and hospitality leaders, Magic Eden provides a cutting edge minting service called Launchpad and the most liquid secondary marketplace on Solana. For more information, please visit www.magiceden.io
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