Solana registered a 91% surge in NFT trading volume month over month. According to DappRadar’s monthly report, the NFT market recorded a multi month trading volume high of $6.3 billion in April, surging 23% from March and breaching the $6 billion mark for the third time in its history. 
“With the positioning of Pixelot on the intersection between NFT and risk-protocol gaming,” said Raidon, Pixelots’ chief storyteller, “we want to position the game next to the likes of Cross Link, Decetraland and Axie Infinity, who collectively now regularly top 1 billion USD day trading volumes.” 
Even in the light of the current bear market, NFTs remain one of the sectors highest performing assets. Adopted by hundreds of thousands of daily users, the blockchain games account for the 
The Blockchain and products on the blockchain have seen one of the biggest adoption rates. Ever since its evolution, many projects on the blockchain have been coming up with solutions and products that are making gaming on the blockchain bigger and better. 
The Pixelot- An NFT Risk Protocol-based game is an attempt in that direction. The pixelot’s complete gameplay relies on the strategic and extensive adaptability of trading NFTs and its native token, the $PIXE token. The game contains various factors and opportunities which allow players of the pixel-theme-based game to experience gaming like never before on the blockchain. 
The Pixelot Gameplay: 
The entire game and storyline of Pixelot are designed to help players experience the immense capabilities of trading on the Blockchain without compromising on the gameplay entertainment factor. 
The start of the game is initiated a few days after the presale and the sale of 10,000 Pixelot NFTs. 
The $PIXE reward token can be gained by staking the Pixelot NFTs, and is used in trades and serves as access to other in-game features and rewards available in the pixelated metaverse. 
The pre-sale launch of the project will host a minting event. The minting event will be accessible to players who have already whitelisted themselves with the project and they will have around 12 hours to mint NFTs. The supply for the pre-sale is limited to ensure that there is no shortage of NFTs when the main sale goes live.
Apart from experiencing the gameplay, the players also have the option of staking their hard-earned Pixelot NFTs to earn $PIXE tokens. However, the amount of the token that they earn is depleting over time. Players will need to plug their NFTs to their continental grids on the pixelated metaverse to stake them and earn $PIXE rewards. 
The NFT Collection: 
A key highlight of the Pixelot game is the diverse and unique range of NFT collections. The complete NFT collection is divided into three segments namely: 
The various NFTs in the market will decide the stature and position of the players in the market. With many unique collections of NFTs, the player’s agility and ownership of $PIXE tokens will decide the ownership of the NFTs that will be available throughout the game. 
Out of the lot, the Overlord NFT is sole unique and most powerful NFT in the entire game. The player with maximum President Pixelot NFTs will have an opportunity to mint the Overlord NFT. The Overlord NFT is one in number and players with maximum agility, a good amount of $PIXE tokens, and the maximum collection of NFTs will have the option to mint and own the Overlord NFT. 
The Overlord will choose an eligible Pixelot NFT holder as his right hand to rule over a particular country. Upon choosing an eligible candidate, the candidate is expected to pay out a bribe to the Overlord within 12 hours to claim their position, or risk losing it to other eligible holders. 
If a player fails to complete the pay the bribe in time, the President NFT will be up for grabs to other eligible Pixelot NFT holders. 
What makes Pixelot better compared to other games on the Blockchain? 
The entire game is a community-inclusive project and every update is made transparent and accessible to all $PIXE token and Pixelot NFT owners. All decision will be voted on Snapshop, so that community is expected to play a massive role in future wealth creation, impacting the evolvement of the $PIXE tokenomics and providing a healthy baseline for Pixelot NFT trade value. 
Pixelot is deployed to the most popular and recognized blockchain with the highest trade volume – the Etherum blockchain. With the integration of OpenSea, this makes it positioned to succeed among other risk-based NFT game trading protocols. 
In Pixelot, instead of extracting maximum value from players, GameFi – via the $PIXE tokenomics – provides players with the opportunity to earn for themselves.

You can follow Pixelot on Discord, Twitter and if you have any query you can contact them on their mail.

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