There is no shortage of exciting and fresh NFT projects on the horizon as we come closer to the Summer of 2022. The metaverse is expanding rapidly, and so are the opportunities it presents. 
One of the hottest arrivals just around the corner is the new Alpha Gang NFT collection that is set to start minting sometime in May of 2022 with no exact confirmed date. We’re all waiting in anticipation for the mint of this hip hop and artist-themed collection, but in the meantime, let’s discuss this collection a bit further.
Keep an Eye on
The OG Alpha Gang NFT collection contained three separate NFTs depicting hip-hop artists from real life, such as 50 Cent. The NFTs are fractionalized, meaning several people have shared ownership of them. The supply for these 3 Alpha Gang NFTs is 669.
With the coming release of the new Alpha Gang NFT collection, the NFT count will rise by an additional 43 and have a total supply of 5555.
It is safe to say that this is a massive increase in available NFTs, and it is a testament to the success that the collection has experienced so far in such a short time. 
Each new NFT will contain 250+ hip hop, web3, and NFT partnership-related traits, making for some cool designs that sharpen the edge of these famous artists. And it makes for some cool and collectible art pieces as well!
All of the art for the new Alpha Gang NFT collection is designed by an artist with 25 years of experience. This makes for a very well-designed and unique connection with soul to back it all up.
All we know about the new Alpha Gang NFT collection is that it is set to mint sometime in May of 2022. No exact date has been given, making for quite a mysterious mint. 
The reasons for keeping the date of the mint a secret are currently unknown, but it certainly makes for a very exciting event once it drops. 
The only people who will know when the time comes are those who’ve already purchased an NFT from the OG collection. They have a guaranteed whitelist and bonus mint allocations for the May collection mint. 
It might still be possible for you to make the whitelist at the time of publication of this article. But make sure to check their website, Twitter, or Discord for information about the mint & if it has already started.
Owning an Alpha Gang NFT is all about getting insider knowledge and opportunities that will enhance your NFT trading game for the better. 
You get access to a ton of different bots that will alert you to crucial information and Alpha calls and tips from over 16 shot callers specializing in the NFT industry. 
You are also able to stake your Alpha Gang NFT. This allows you to generate and earn $GANG utility coins. These can be spent at the $GANG marketplace that offers a ton of goodies. You gain access to a whitelist marketplace, a FREE NFT marketplace, and you can even buy exclusive merchandise. 
There is even insurance included here. If you get caught up in a classic rug pull, you can get a buyback, returning the funds to your wallet as if nothing ever happened.
This essentially means that there is a lot of potential value to be gained from owning one of the Alpha Gang NFTs. It opens a ton of doors for you to enter and explore the wider digital world of the metaverse.
The Utility of an Alpha Gang NFT
With the new Alpha Gang NFT collection just around the corner, there certainly is a lot to be excited about. With an Alpha Gang NFT, you get access to incredibly useful insider information that’ll give you the edge in selected NFT projects. 
With an Alpha Gang NFT, you truly will go alpha in the ever-changing world of NFTs. Get ready for the mint, as it seems it will appear out of the blue. There is no doubt that there will be a bunch of interested buyers, so you’ll have to act fast.