The new NFT collection has already garnered major headlines, thanks to its promise and potential as a new entrant in the industry.
‘The translator is the traitor’, they say in Italian. Such was the distrust and paranoia in Europe for translations that scholars were executed for translating the holy word. Five centuries later, an Indian author won a major literary award in the UK and shared it with her American translator, making it an apt occasion to discuss the status of translation in world literature.
‘Like some people are driven to write, some people are driven to translate out of an urge to share something of literary value,’ says V Ramaswamy who began translating accidentally in 2005.
Literary translations are portals that open up new sights, sounds, flavours and worlds for the reader to explore and embrace the Other. But can an international prize breathe new life in a publishing world gasping for commercial success?
The International Booker Prize for Geetanjali Shree’s Ret Samadhi put the spotlight on literature and translations, but for publishers, they often fail to even provide the necessary breathing space to stay afloat. For a majority of publishing houses, both indie and big, translation work has to be subsidised.
A Bitter-Sweet Experience in the World of Literary Translations: In the global Anglophone market, only the novel and big non-fiction travel. Our best poetry languishes. Let us return to poetry.
Updated: 17 May 2022 3:25 pm
WOLFBOSS is an upcoming NFT collection, which has effortlessly made massive headlines all over and has also developed massive intrigue and curiosity in others to join the wolfpack. The highlight of this new NFT collection is that the team is driven to build a strong community of like minded, driven individuals, providing them with an environment to succeed in all aspects of life. People can even join the much-talked-about pack with the limited WOLFBOSS NFT digital art collection by signing up for their whitelist via
It has been developed as an NFT collection that focuses on building their community strong, optimistic, and fearless, with artworks that exude different strong traits for enhancing the digital identity of the collectors. They already have a powerful roadmap designed and now are looking forward to walking their path to turn this upcoming collection into an established one in the ever-so-competitive Defi space. WOLFBOSS is about creating great opportunities for members by allocating funds to startups, creating investment opportunities, and splitting profits with token holders for a new passive income source.
Wolfboss has generated enormous interest in a short space of time with over 19,000 members joining their discord. Many YouTubers have also featured the collection and it is projected to be one of the largest projects of 2022. There is no information currently on the mint price, however WOLFBOSS will be based on the ethereum blockchain. 
They have also optimized the WOLFBOSS character for gaming as a 3D playable avatar. They will soon announce everything about their mint, public sale, and much more, and for that, do visit their website, .

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