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Home » Technology » Isaac Wright, aka Drifter Shoots incredible NFT collection as a photographer, enthralls all.
The army veteran fought his depression and turned to photography, and then gradually made his way into the NFT world.
Not all those who wander are lost. This particular phrase stands true for many individuals out there in the world, where they begin with something, and then life takes a turn to lead them into a new world altogether. The same can be said about a man who first served in the army and then got into the photography realm, becoming the ace photographer that he is today known for capturing the world from never-seen-before perspectives. This passionate man is an honourably retired Army special operations veteran of six years, who started with photography to cope with his mental illness, specifically PTSD and depression.
Today, he has made an effortless entry into the world of NFTs with his incredible project called “Where My Vans Go,” which changed the trajectory of his career outstandingly. It has eclipsed a floor of 30ETH on OpenSea, which has made Drifter Shoots today one of the highest-selling photographers in the NFT space. Speaking more on the project, he says that it was the result of his years of death-defying urban climbs. The awe-inspiring project of his is a collection of 119 iconic images clicked and created by him over the span of three years while he explored all over the US.
He went from coast to coast, between borders, and even beyond. This journey of his that he created is now represented through his photography art NFT collection. Isaac Wright has truly emerged as a true artist after being an army veteran and has his art featured on some of the most prominent news websites and platforms. Getting into the NFT space, he believes, has been one of the best decisions of his career as he feels, today the world is embracing the growth of the space, moreover for the world of art. He is glad he could come up with his collection, which many have loved, consisting of 178 items and is owned by 98 already.

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